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Top 3 best 43-inch smart tv in India under 25000 August 2022

Updated: August 05, 2022 12:43
Top 3 best 43-inch smart tv in India under 25000 August 2022

When we talk about smart TVs under 25k the only thing that comes to her mind is the box where we watch serials and movies to get entertained.

At first, it was known as the idiot box but that idiot box has now become the smart Box. Talking about smartness every TV has become smart it has internet facilities where you can watch Netflix Amazon prime and many more. Even you can search via Google search engine watch youtube videos and whatnot. That is why nowadays it is not an idiot Box it has become the smart Box for smart people.

Today we are going to discuss the Top 3 best 43-inch smart tv in India under 25000 August 2022 at a budget-friendly price point. These televisions are the smartest than you think at this price. Every smart tv that I recommend is reviewed by the "techowish team".

So, your precious money won't be wasted after buying these TVs.

1. OnePlus Y1S

At the very first we have that smart TV by OnePlus. This is an LED TV of 43 inches full HD. You can even watch for 3 days on this television set and that is why this is the smartest of all. This has got two USB ports and USB supports audio video and images as well. This has one HDMI port one digital audio output board one hour of an input port and one Ethernet socket. This smart TV has a Wi-Fi connection as well and it has dual-band support this also comes with the 5.00 Bluetooth version support. You can even play games and this OnePlus TV Y1S (43 inches) Y Series and that's all that we want from television or we can say that the smart TV.

2. Xiaomi Smart TV 5A

The next is Xiaomi. This has got 1 year of warranty. In the box, you will get 1 LED TV 1 user manual 4 screws 2 stands 1 remote control, and 2 AAA batteries.

This is a 40-inch LED TV with full HD so you can say that this is a smart TV for your smart home.

The sound technology is also smart. This is going to give you the Dolby audio sound. This has two numbers of USB ports and for USB support this supports audio video and images. This comes with a quad-core processor and its supports Bluetooth version you can also play games on this TV.

3. OnePlus 43Y1

In the third number, we have the smart TV from one plus. This has got 43 inches LED which is a fully HD TV. This smart TV has got 1 year of warranty. If you are going to buy this smart TV you will get along with this TV or remote control some batteries Wall mount your user manual and of course the warranty card as well.

This smart TV supports the MP4 and mpg video format and image for JPEG formats. For the audio, it supports the MP3 system. This is a single-band support smart TV that also can be used with Wi-Fi. This also supports the 5.0 Bluetooth version. And the most important and interesting thing is that this supports games as well. So the user can watch movies television YouTube and play games as well.

Note - These are the top 3 finds that we could find for you and for July these are the best three smart TV that you can go and buy. We will be coming up with the three best smart TVs of August in the next article for that just tune into our page.

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