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Top 5 Best smartwatches under 15000 in India 2022

Updated: July 30, 2022 14:43

We all one to get ourselves monitored in case of fitness but many times it is not possible because of our time. We need a device to calculate that and only a smartwatch cannot do that.
Not only is the trend but also it is helping the users to monitor their health business and their lifestyle as well. We can see that in the market there are a lot of smartwatch options.

Many brands of smartwatches are available that brings different specs and features for new-gen buyers, but sometimes it gets irritated while finding the best buy that fulfills all our daily need.

Now, techowish comes with the solution, we have reviewed tons of smartwatches under 15000 in India and sorted these best five smartwatches that come with all the latest specs and features. Every smartwatch that we have included is value for money. You won't be deposited in any aspect, users will going to love our recommendation.

We compare these watches from the entire online and offline market in India.

So, without wasting your time let's start with the first smartwatch:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy watch for Bluetooth can be listed in the top category as it is going viral and people are also going to love this smartwatch. This smartwatch is designed to help people to understand themselves better. It is a companion that will help you keep in touch with yourself and monitor your health.

This smartwatch looks circular and it is flat the weight is only 30 g so you will not feel any problem while wearing it the entire day the body material is made of aluminum and the strap is made of silicon you can get this in the color green. The battery of this smartwatch is 361 mah. This model is specifically to use via Bluetooth and that is why it comes at a budget-friendly price. This smartwatch also has navigation. The RAM of the smartwatch is 1.5 GB and the internal memory is 16GB. The features that you will get in this watch are that it can send text messages, receive incoming calls, set an alarm timer, and let you know about the weather outside. The smartwatch also has features like finding my phone location tag music control and responding to notifications as well.

Talk about the activity tracker this has calorie tracker steps tracker sleep quality tracker how many hours you have slept your heart rate and whether you are active or inactive all of this can be monitored via this smartwatch.

This is a very convenient and budget-friendly smartwatch if you are looking for a smartwatch death is going to monitor yourself you should go for this smartwatch.

2. OnePlus Watch

The next smartwatch is by one plus in the box you will get the smartwatch user manual enough because the warranty card the shape of this watch is circular and flat. The weight of this smartphone is 76 grams. You can get this in the color midnight black and moonlight silver this is a digital smartwatch. The display capacity technology is an AMOLED screen and this is also used as a touch screen.

The battery has a 402 mah battery that can go up to 14 days without charging it has Bluetooth connectivity. The internal memory of this smartwatch is 4GB you can send texts to receive incoming calls set the alarm calendar reminder and will also tell about the weather this has also features like finding my phone receiver call or music control. You can track your gallery intake or how much you have burnt distance steps and heart rate as well this is water resistant and resistant as well so this is very convenient for city life.

3. Fitbit versa 3

Next is Fitbit. This comes in a square model and a touch screen is also available. It is adjusted with iPhone and Android as well. The battery life of the smartwatch is approximately 6 days which is not a bad period. It has all functions Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS the displaced screen is an AMOLED display. Other features step counting Callery count heart rate monitor calendar alarm clock date and time display as well. This smartwatch also has a speaker and microphone attached to it.

4. Titan Smart Pro

The smartphone is by Titan the surface is circular and flat it is made with stainless steel and the strap material is made up of silicon. The screen size is 1.19 and the display technology used an ambulance display. Is protected by Corning Gorilla glass V3. Smartwatch is as compatible with Android and IOS as well.

You can use text messages alarm timers receive any call music control this also comes with calorie intake or born how many hours you have slap active minutes and heart rate as well if you want an alarm clock this smartphone can be an alarm clock as well.

5. Amazfit GTS 2

This smartwatch is unique and it's the way. This is waterproof the dial material is of aluminum alloy. The weight of this smartwatch is 24.70. talking about the battery life it takes 2 hours for fully charging and stays up to 7 days the charging type is magnetic. This has Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity as well. This smartwatch is compatible with Android and IOS as well. With this smartwatch, you can count your steps calorie count heart rate monitor compass calendar alarm clock number of buttons is one so this is a very friendly and helpful gadget for your day-to-day life this has a speaker and microphone as well.

A smartwatch that you should buy and all of these are top-ranked smartwatches. If you are a health freak and a busy person then these Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatches can help you to target your weight your health and your work system as well. For your day-to-day life, these smart watches are very useful and if you are thinking to buy any smartwatch these are the best for you.

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