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Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Updated: August 18, 2022 19:27

Today we are going to talk about the top best free Android video editors that are trending this month. As we all can see these days on the Internet everywhere videos are in trending whether it is on YouTube, Instagram (Reels), or other social media platforms. And to upload videos for stuff you have to edit this and for editing, you need a good application. Everyone doesn't have the knowledge to use a professional video editor on laptops and pay computers but we all have access to Play Store and we can download from there the best video editing app so that that becomes easier for you to edit your videos and upload it and get full likes and comments. Today we are going to discuss the five best video editing apps of this month so that you can go directly and download them so that your videos can be more attractive and can attract more likes and followers. We all know that to gain more followers or to have more likes your video has to be attractive the content has to be good but also your editing should be on point then only your videos will go viral. Everyone wants videos to get viral so everyone should try to have the best video editing apps they could get from the internet. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 best video editing apps for Android.

1. Viva Video

First of all, we have the viva video editors. In this video editor, you can subtract the audio from the video or add another audio to the video you can cut it whatever you want or you can paste it whenever you want as well. In addition to that, you can add more effects to your video add any sticker that you want to have, and also can write whatever you want in that video that to very easily.

You can even make videos using images slideshows and you can edit any longer videos to shorter ones and add different varieties of effects that your creativity can say. You can easily import the videos from your laptop or your mobile and make it make edit songs at other clips and effects filters text make it slow or fast according to your need as well. This will come with her watermark in the video but you can delete it after watching a video or advertisement.

2. KineMaster

In the next, we have the kind master you might all have heard the app name but this month this app is in trending mode whether you have Instagram Reels whether you have YouTube, or other social media platforms where you need to upload your videos and you need a good video editor kineMaster is what you want. This has a smooth importing and exporting form you can insert videos from your gallery you can also use photographs with the videography in the video you can use effects to traumatize it or according to your mood or style or talent you can modify it according to yours. You can mute the original audio and export another audio from your gallery or even download it in addition to it you can add text to the video or you can use different effects that are there in kineMaster. After the video is done you can make it slow or fast as well according to your need. You can upload it directly to social media after editing it in the app and also if you want free use of this app you have to watch a few videos or advertisements in this app.

3. Filmora Go

Next, we have the film go app. If you want a professional photo or video editor full Mora go is one of the best you can trust you can get the same result as editing on a professional PC with a professional app this has different features such as adding music adding other features streaming merging cropping or rotating videos as well. You can eat edit with the tools the videos of your gallery and with video, you can add some pictures as well with accurate audio and you can also add some special effects even you can rotate the video if you want to you have the ability or you will get the chance to add a text or animated text as well. Overall you will feel the same experience that you are going to have on a PC in editing in a professional video editor.

This app is a free Android app where you can edit all your videos and upload them to YouTube Instagram YouTube shorts and other social media platforms as well not only this if you want to make any project in the office or in any other where you need some professional things in your videos or slide shows this can be the best choice for you.

4. Quick Video Editor

Next, we have a quick video. This is one of the top 5 video editors that you can get from Google Play for Android versions. This will get you easy exist to grab your videos or images from your gallery and more shit with the video and edit accordingly you can make a slide you can make a video using different effects slides or you can add different effects of sounds as well. You can subtract the audio from the video you already have and add another audio or your voice into the video so that you are video can be modified according to your choice now it is in the area of social media we all need to have a good app for video editing so that we can have the best quality video to upload in our Facebook Instagram YouTube or YouTube shorts and other social media platform. You can add different kinds of transitions effects titles music and many more to create your video and make it as per your choice and upload it to social media to crap maximum of likes and views.

5. Andro vid

Next, we have android with a video editing app. This is comparatively very easy to the other video editing apps and if you are fresher and want to start your new Instagram account make reals videos or if you are going for YouTube or making YouTube shorts this is the best for you as a beginner because every features that this app has are very simple you can easily grab or drag the videos and photos from your gallery makes it or even cut a tree made edited according to your choice everything is effortless and easy for you as a beginner this is the best video editing app for you. You can also add special effects to your video and you will not get uncomfortable or you will not get any problems using this video editing app. In addition to this, you can convert any video into MP3 format using this app so this is the best app for you if you are trying something you need and special.

These are the top 5 best video editing apps for you to go famous on social media sites these apps are going to help you a lot as you will be able to edit make effects and most videos on your mobile as well. You don't have to have a PC or a laptop or you don't have to have very costly video editing apps you need the app and you can edit your videos very quickly and with very simple steps you can add the effects you can have the best result of your videos and you can get more likes and follows as you want.

We will get back to you with more video editing apps for the next month.

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