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Top 5 Best Waterproof Smartwatches Under a Rs. 20000 In India (11th January 2021)

Top 5 Best Waterproof Smartwatches Under a Rs. 20000 In India (11th January 2021)

The generation we are in to is way smarter. That may be phones or gadgets. We always want to have something smarter to help us lead a smarter life. This is the reason why all the manufacturers of different gadgets are trying hard to come up with some new idea every time and even the entire industry is getting advanced in such a small period that it has become a necessity to not only have something smarter but to have the latest and the best possible gadget with you. When we first talk about technology and smartness together, the first thing we can think about is the smartphone. But, there are other options available for a smarter lifestyle. These gadgets are not only smart and will complement your smart lifestyle but also are very important for your daily health goals and improving your health as well. And not to forget these help you in maintaining your social life as well.

The gadget that we are talking about today is the Smartwatch. They seem to be like just a wristwatch but on a costlier side, but it is not the truth. Smartwatches are way smarter than we expect them to be. And if we say this in one sentence, smartwatches are smarter than a smartphone. We can do a lot of things using our smartwatch that a smartphone alone cannot do.

So, that is why today we are going to discuss the Top 5 smartwatches that will change your lifestyle and will improve and help in your day to day life as well. These smartwatches can be connected with the android operating system. So, if you are an Android user, then this is for you. And most importantly these smartwatches are waterproof. This means you can wear them anytime and anywhere. Even when you do household work or swim in the pool, you can wear these smartwatches anytime.

Here are the top 5 best waterproof smartwatches under Rs 20,000 in India. (11th January 2021) Price updated

1. Fitbit Versa:

In the 1st position in our list, we have the Smartwatch by Fitbit. The model is Fitbit Versa. This is a touchscreen smartwatch and this has a capacitive touchscreen. You can choose from the colors Black, Grey, and Peach. All the colors are classy and will compliment every look. The body of the smartwatch is made from Aluminum. The display that you are going to get is the LCD. This smartwatch is compatible with Android v4.3, iOS, and also with windows OS. That means users can connect this smartwatch with any of the devices that they have and don't have to worry. The battery life of this smartwatch is up to 4 days which is very good for a busy schedule. This can be charged via using any USB port. This can be connected to your device with Bluetooth v4.0, and BLE. In terms of wireless connectivity, this can also be connected through Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n. but you cannot connect via USB. This also has a navigation mode to help you with GPS. In terms of the sensor, this has the accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, and light sensor attached to it. The internal storage of this smartwatch is 2.5GB which will help in saving a lot of things that you need. Using this smartwatch you don't have to take out your smartphone again and again as this is going to let you see the notifications on your wrist. You will get the notifications of your text messages, alarms, and timer, and other notifications as well. For taking care of your health, your smartwatch will be your fitness guide as well. This smartwatch has got the calorie intake and calorie burner tracker, the distance meter, steps tracking, sleep quality tracking, hours of sleep, your active minutes, heart rate so that you can note down your daily health schedule and improve it as well. To help you in your workouts, this smartwatch also has an MP3 player in it. In addition to all these, this has the alarm clock, goal setting mode, reminders, stopwatch, and real-time coaching as well.

The price of this Fitbit Versa starts from INR: 10,999 only.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active:

In the 2ns position, we have the smartwatch by Samsung. This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This comes with changeable straps and in the first purchase, you will get a leather strap with it. You can choose from Black, Green, and Silver colors. All the colors that this smartwatch has got are very trendy. This smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display. You will not get a touch screen with it. This is compatible with Android v5.0 and iOS as well. You will get wireless charging mode with it so that you will not have to run around wires. In terms of connectivity, this is Bluetooth v4.2 and wireless Wi-Fi 802.11. When we talk about the sensor, this comes with an accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, light sensor, and light GPS sensor. This smartwatch has a dual-core processor and with that a 768 MB RAM. This has an internal memory of 4GB which is great for your work life. For notification also you don't have to worry a lot about taking your phone, again and again, to check your notification as you can see your notification at your wrist. You can check your alarm notification and timer notification at your wrist. This also has a voice control feature. For the fitness freaks this has calorie intake and calorie burner tracker, steps count, sleep quality count, hours sleep count, and heart rate count as well.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active starts from INR: 18,490.

3. Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist:

In the 3rd position, we have the smartwatch by Fossil. This is the Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist. This comes with the Android Wear v2.0. The body is made of stainless steel. The available color options are Black, Sand, Luggage, Gold, Rose Gold, and Rose color. All the colors are very classy. This has a captive touchscreen display. This smartwatch by Fossil is compatible with Android v4.3 and iOS as well. The battery backup is for 1 day and this has a wireless charging mode for hassle-free charging. This has Bluetooth connectivity v4.1, EDR, and BLE. The wireless connection that this smartwatch has is the Wi-Fi 802.11 and b/g/n. when we talk about the sensor this comes with the accelerometer sensor and gyro sensor. You will also get notifications like E-mail notification, text message notification, incoming call notification, alarm notification, Facebook notification, Google Hangout notification, Instagram notification, timer notification, Twitter notification, and weather notification. With that, you can get connected to your social media as well. You can also control your smartphone with this smartwatch. You can control your camera shutter control, the find my phone mode with which you can easily find your phone. You can control your music, voice control, and also respond to the notification you get. This is very smart and will help in your day to day life very well. For fitness lovers, this smartwatch is a great friend. This has the calorie intake meter, calorie burned tracking, distance tracking, steps counting, your active minutes, etc. This is going to be your smart digital guide in terms of fitness. In addition to this, this has additional features like an alarm clock, goal setting feature, reminders, Social integration, and also the stopwatch.

The price range of Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist starts from INR: 19,995/- only

4. Puma PT9100:

In the 4th position in our list, we have the smartwatch by Puma. This model is the Puma PT 9100. The body of this smartwatch is made of aluminum and you will get a silicon strap with this. This comes with different color variants like Black, White, and Yellow. All are style statements and will enhance your smart look as well. This display that this smartwatch has is an AMOLED display with a captive touch screen. This is compatible with Android and iOS as well. With 2 hours of charging this smartwatch can go up to 2 days which is great. And for hassle-free charging, this has the wireless charging mode. In terms of connectivity, this has the Bluetooth v4.2 and NFC connectivity mode. When we talk about sensors, this has the accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, and also the light sensor. This Puma smartwatch has 215 RAM and 4GB internal memory. This is great for saving your important data and music as well. For the notification, you will be able to see the notifications of your e-mail, text messages, alarms, calendar reminder, and timer as well. And for the fitness lovers, this has got the calorie intake and burner meter, the distance meter, the step counter, heart rate counter. An additional feature you will get the alarm clock, reminders, and social integration.

The price of this Puma PT 9100 starts from INR: 13,996 only.

5. Misfit Vapor:

In the 5th position, we have the smartwatch by Misfit. This is the smartwatch named Misfit Vapor. This smartwatch is run by the operating system of Android Wear v2.0. This has got a touch screen for smooth access. The display is an AMOLED display. And the screen of this smartwatch is scratch-resistant. In the market, it is available in Jet black and Rose gold color. Both the colors are classy. This Misfit Vapor is compatible with Android v4.3 and iOS as well. The battery backup is up to 2 days with one time charging. And the charging mode is via inductive charging with a cradle. This smartwatch can be connected with Bluetooth and wireless like Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n. In helping with the GPS, this smartwatch also has a navigation option. When we talk about sensor this has the accelerometer sensor and the gyro sensor. This smartwatch has got an internal memory of 4GB to will help in the smooth running of the smartwatch and will store more data. For notifications, you don't have to keep checking your smartphone again and again as you are going to get all your notifications at your wrist. You will get the notifications of your e-mail, text messages, your incoming calls, alarm, calendar reminders, and timer. This also has some smartphone remote features, such as making calls, a camera shutter control option; find my phone option, your music control, etc. For fitness lovers, this smartwatch has got many options, such as the calorie intake meter and the calorie burner meter, the distance calculator, steps counting mode, counting your hours of sleep, your active minutes as well. With the help of these features, you will be able to check your fitness routine and also will be able to improve it accordingly. This smartwatch also got an MP3 player for listening to your favorite songs anytime anywhere. In addition to these features, this smartwatch also has got some additional features like the alarm clock, goal setting, reminders, social integration, and the stopwatch.

The starting price of this Misfit vapor is INR: 14,495 only.

NOTE: These are the top 5 Smartwatches that you should go for. These are mainly for Android users. And mainly these smartwatches are water-proof and because of this, you can wear it anytime and anywhere without any fear. Even this can be worn while swimming as well. These smartwatches are under the price range of Rs 20,000 so the prices are decent. Smartwatches are now a trendy gadget but more than trend and style, these are more of a necessity. They lay a major role in the daily life of a person and for the working and fitness lovers, these watches are a must-have because these will not only save your time but also will help you in your schedule and fitness tracks. These are the new generation watch with smartness added to it that is why these are more important than a wristwatch. This is not money spending, but these are money investing. This is the investment for your smart and healthy life.

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