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Top 5 Best 4K Projector Under 30000 in India 2022

Updated: September 23, 2022 19:23

Technology has so far that you can now watch your favorite shows or movies wherever you want. Especially if you use the portable projector, you can watch the content as per your choice of place of where you want to watch the content. The concept of their project is not new to the world. We have been watching films on projects since the old days. It is still in demand because of its uses. The projector is really handy if we use this to watch the content in the group. Especially if you use this for the hostel or the dorms so you can use this in one place for watching the count in a group, it will improve your experience of watching the content in the group.

You can make a mini hall in your home also with family members. This technology has been in trend these days. People are using this to watch movies to improve their viewing experience. In the market, you will find a portable projector that can be used anywhere. There are projectors available in the market with different features and specifications. We got confused about selecting the right one. Today we will recommend the Top 5 best 4K projectors under 30000 in India which you can use to enhance your watching experience. In the market, you will find various projects offering many features to switch their product, but they are so expensive to buy, and that is why we have recommended the project which you can buy for under 30000 per your budget requirements.

There are so many factors that we have considered before selecting these products, which are important to consider to choose the correct product for you for long-term use.

  • Sound Quality: It is one of the important factors to consider before selecting any project. The project will not be useful if the sound quality is not good. So we have considered at this point that the sound quality of the projector should be good so that you don't find any issue in listening to the audio of the content.
  • Picture and Brightness: The project should be able to project clear picture quality and show the correct amount of brightness at the time of watching any film or show. If the project fails at this point, then buying the project is of no use.
  • Features: You will find many brands selling projectors in the market. We must select the one that offers the project's high features at the same price, and you can experience the project better.
  • Price of the project: It is another essential part to consider because, in the end, we will pay for the project in our budget. So if the project is not within your budget, it will be difficult for you to buy the product. Awe has selected the products under Rs 30,.0000, so you can buy accordingly.

1. Zebronics Zeb-PIXAPLAY 15

Zebronics is one of the leading tech companies in the industry, offering various tech products to their customers. This company has been working in the industry of the project for many years and has gained a massive customer base over the years in the industry. It comes with Android 9.0 OS support and also supports WIFI connectivity so that you can connect through the WIFI. It offers a screen size of 457cm and full HD of 1080P. This project will improve the watching experience with the Full HD features. It has 3400 Lumens for a wide and bright view of the content. It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 30,000H LED, improving the picture and brightness quality. You can control the projector with a smartphone or laptop. It has the cast DLNA/Airplay; you can contact wireless video and images with this.


WZATCO has entered this field in the last couple of years and has fulfilled the needs of many customers. It has also gained a good customer base for its product over the years of working in this industry. This product's picture and sound quality are really good, which is improved by the BrightViS 4-point LED technology and its display quality. You can enjoy your content on this fantastic product in the quality of full HD 1080, and it also supports the 4K resolution, which will improve your viewing experience. It comes with 100% color accuracy of your content with the 5000:1 contrast ratio. The company has also taken care of the connectivity features of this product. It has the latest 5G wifi chip so that you can connect the other devices with this projector. Overall the quality of the picture and the sound quality is excellent. You can consider this project on your list.

3. WANBO T6 Max

WANBO has also placed in the market after p[rovising its services to customers for many years. WANBO is one of the well-known companies in this product. It comes with a very premium-looking style of projector. It looks cool in the white color. It has a body size of 195×137×201mm. The quality of the content you will see on this will be the next level as this product has the 4-point LED producing 650 ANSI lumens. One of the great things about this WANBO is that it supports the 8K resolution, so now you can enjoy your content in the 8K. This feature of this product has made it a unique product in this price segment. You can also watch the content of other streaming platforms such as YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix. It also comes with wifi connectivity, and you can connect this with t your mobile., laptop, or tablet. It will help you to connect the projector.

4. WZATCO Alpha 2

WZATCO has another trusted brand in electronic items. Thai products have also received good feedback from their customers, and since then, they have offered high-quality services to their customers. It comes with 1080P Resolution, similar to the other projects that are available in the market. Still, the picture quality of this product is far better than the other projects that are available in the market. This project's brightness and color have also improved from the other products. It has a 6000:1 High Contrast Ratio. It comes with the in-built Android 9.0 operating system, and with the help of this system, you can now enjoy the streaming of your contact on t all the other platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon prime. One of the good features of this product is that it also has Bluetooth 5.0, which is fast for connecting your projector with other external devices. The product has also provided the TOF Instant Auto Focus feature, which will automatically focus when you play any video on the projector.


Zebronics Zeb pixaplay 16 is in our last place on the list. This range of products of Zebronics has also been appreciated by users, who like this product as per their feedback on the internet. As we have already discussed, Zebrionisc is one of the leading companies providing tech products. It comes up with a screen size of 508cm. It also has the full HD 1080p resolution. Thai products also support the android 9.0 OS, which will ease your work of connectivity without either external device. The product has a perfect projection distance. It has a projection distance of 1.5m to 5.6m. The sound quality of the inbuilt speaker is also good. You will feel that you are watching the movies in the theater, which will improve your experience of watching your favorite content. Overall these are good products and highly recommend you to go for this as per your need and requirements.


These are the top 5 products in our list offered by the leading companies that are available in the market. We have recommended all these products under the budget of Rs. 30,000 in India so there will be no confusion regarding the process. As per your recommendation, you can go with the WANBO T6 Max, which is used by many customers and has also received good feedback from the customer. Various products are available on this market at the same price, but we have selected those products which are satisfying the factor that we have seen above, and these products are the ones which are fulfilling all the conditions that we see. Let us know your thoughts about these products.

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