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Upcoming premium smartphones in September 2022

Updated: September 12, 2022 08:46

The most hyped phone about to launch in September 2022 is the 14 series of Apple iPhone on 7th September. The most premium smartphone company is Apple. Every year millionaires of Apple iPhone lovers wait for the launch with lots of expectations from the company. But we have to wait till 7th Sept to get all the features and specifications that this new iPhone 14 series carries in their models. This time the company has confirmed that they are not going to introduce its iPhone mini lineup in the 14th series.

Apple iPhone 14

The number one smartphone is going to be launched soon, all-new iPhone 14 has a processor of a 15-bionic chip display of 6.1 inches which is going to make it low larger, and a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. As we all know that Apple is lower than Android and getting the upgraded versions in iPhone is a little bit annoying when we come to iPhone but in this iPhone 14, we have got RAM of 6 GB and storage of 128 GB in the beginning only that is a commendable thing. In the bag, he will get a dual rear camera of 48 MP. This time for the charging also you don't have to wait like other iPhones you will get the charging in 30 words which will charge this in approximately faster A compared to the other I phone.

Apple iPhone 14 Max

Talking about the second variant is the iPhone 14 Max. Talking about the processor discuss the A 15 bionic chip processor which is a modified processor for iPhone. Talking about the display this has 6.7 inches of display with makes it larger in looks and also good for iPhone users the refresh rate of this iPhone will be 60 hertz and talking about the storage it has RAM of 6GB and a storage capacity is 128 GB. Now we can say that iPhone is coming along with Android because of the storage capacities and refresh rates they are also improving a lot. Talking about the camera the cameras of the iPhone 7 are already famous and they are already very good compared to other phones. In this iPhone 14 Max you are going to get a dual rare camera setup and in the rare camera, you will get a 48 megapixels camera this will be better than most of the Android cameras that we know. Talking about the battery now we can say that this has 30 Watts charging mode which is that it will charge quicker and faster compared to other iPhones step launch date is September and the price of the iPhone 14 Max is approximately 99,999 rupees.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

In this case, we have the third variant of iPhone 14 and that is the iPhone 14 Pro okay about the processor it gives you a 16 by negative which is comparatively higher than the other two variants of the iPhone the display size will be 6.1 inches which are same as iPhone 14 if we talk about the refresh rate of iPhone 14 Pro is 12 hours which is higher than the other to variants of the phone 14 and also talking about the storage here we got larger and better options. When we talk about the storage this has RAM of 6 GB and storage of 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB and 1TB. That is true this time the storage is going up to 1 TB and this time iPhone 14 Pro is all set to rock the entire smartphone world. Talking about the camera this has a triple rare camera one is a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera and the other is 12 megapixels ultrawide and a telly photo sensor. This time I phone is going to be a blast this September which has to wait till September 7th to launch its phones. Now about the battery, the battery charging is 30 words so we all know that it is going to charge faster than the other iPhone and this iPhone 14 variant is also charging faster than the other iPhone.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro max

This time this iPhone 14 Pro Max is going to be the blast of this year as this is going to be the best iPhone ever. The processor that this iPhone is using is a 16 bionic chip which is the best chip that is for a phone and the display is 6.7 right inches this has the grip this will have the look and this will also have the site that this is going to be the best iPhone ever if we talk about the refresh read the refresh rate of this iPhone 14 Pro Max is 12 hertz that is also promotion display that is why we can say that this Apple iPhone 14 ProMax is going to be the blast of The year. Talking about storage to Ram is 6GB yet and the storage can go up to 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB and one terabyte. That is right the capacity of the storage can go up to 1TB if you are someone who needs to save things that this is the best iPhone for you when talking about the camera this has a triple rare camera and we all know that iPhone has the best camera setup ever and this rare camera is a 48 MP wide-angle camera and other is 12 MP ultra-wide and telephoto sensor camera. Talking about the battery the charging is 30 watts for all we can say that this has improved the charging a bit compared to the other series of iPhones up to iPhone 13 but now in iPhone 14 Pro Max also the charging capacity is 30 Watts which will lead us to a faster charging compared to the other iPhone.

For the rest of the specs, we have to wait till September 7th so that we can get a clear picture of the iPhone 14 variants.

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