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7 Best gaming wired earphones under 3000 in India (9th June 2022)

Updated: June 09, 2022 19:44

These are the best gaming wired earphones under 3000, especially for games like PUBG Mobile. The earphones have a premium look and design with the perfect comfort. The sound quality is very much high as compared to other earphones at this price point. We have reviewed many earphones under the 3K price tag but we come to this final like which is given below. You can use these earphones for PUBG Mobile, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, Fortnite mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, etc. It carries a 3.5mm headphone jack for connectivity. You can use these earphones for more than 24 hrs with no pain while gaming or listening to music. The best gaming wired earphones under the Rs 3000 price has been updated on 9th June 2022).

1. Marshall Mode

Build Quality

The Marshall Mode earpiece options the signature style aesthetics that we tend to square measure aware of.

The button-shaped earphones feature a plastic body construction that feels lightweight and comfy enough for fatigue-free future listening.

The angular stem ensures comfortable work within the meatus with smart passive noise isolation.

The connecting wire is 1.2m long and isn't tangle-free. The terminating finish features a square three.5mm pin with another reinforcement for sturdiness.

Sound Quality

The Marshall Mode wired earpiece options a 10mm speaker driver with a neutral sound signature.

The sound output quality from this earpiece may not be to the feeling of bass heads in and of itself, however ideal for casual listeners.

Natural bass notes accompanied with clean distortion-free vocals and treble notes build the music listening expertise with this earpiece's pleasant expertise.

Speaking of the inline mike, the voice decision quality is tight inside and leaves loads to be desired outside.


The Marshall Mode is an associate entry-level branded wired earpiece with a lovely sound output quality with equal importance for all music notes.


Mic Yes
Frequency 20Hz – 20KHz
Tangle Free Yes
Impedance 34 Ohms
Driver 10 mm

2. TCL ELIT200

Build Quality

The design of this wired earpiece appearance premium and stylish compared to different earphones during this value vary.

The gray-silver color paint job makes this earpiece stand out from the remainder of the black and dua-tone paint end earphones.

The earphone casing of this earpiece is semi-transparent associated has an oval-shaped acoustic stem that delivers comfortable work within the meatus.

The straight 3.5mm phone connexion pin is gold plated to confirm the lowest signal losses throughout transmission.

With the retail packaging, the TCL ELIT200 includes 3 different sized ear tips and a carrying bag to stay the earphones constant while in transit.

Sound Quality

The TCL ELIT200 earpiece options a twelve.2mm speaker driver certified for hi-res audio output.

This driver covers a large frequency response vary of 8-40kHz, delivering deep, wealthy bass and tingling higher-end treble notes with equally sharp and clean vocals.

Be it EDMs, Rock, or vocal wealthy music, the TCL ELIT200 nails it. This earpiece will get sufficiently loud with no distortion any.

The voice decision quality via the inline mike appears to be tight each inside moreover as outdoors.


The TCL ELIT200 may be a feature-rich in-ear wired earpiece with hi-res audio certification for superior audio quality.


Mic Yes
Frequency 8Hz – 40KHz
Tangle Free No
Impedance 32 Ohms
Driver 12.2mm

3. Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd

Design and Build Quality

The Beat Byrd has presumably the littlest earphone housing we've ever seen on a wired earpiece to date.

This ergonomically designed compact earphone sits flush into the meatus with an ideal seal.

It is one of the lightest in-ear earphones with glorious carrying comfort. due to the tight work, this earpiece won’t fall out of your ears even once subjected to harsh head movements.

The connecting cable is thicker than most of its competitors and exudes confidence regarding the build quality.

Even though this wire is grounded, it's somewhat tangle-resistant.

Sound Quality

Due to the smaller earphone housing style, the speaker driver within too is smaller in size however that doesn’t limit the audio performance of this wired earpiece in any manner.

The bass notes stay loud and distinct from the mid-range vocals and higher-end treble notes.

If you're a follower of tonally balanced sound output with equal stress on all musical notes, then you’re sure a treat with this earpiece.

The sound distortion is sort of non-existent with the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd even once the music is competing at most volume levels.


The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd may be a capable in-ear vogue wired earpiece with the wonderful build quality and pleasing sound output.

If you'll handle the dearth of an inline mic, this can be one of the higher decisions for audiophiles within the sub. Rs.2,500 value vary.


Mic No
Frequency 15Hz – 21000Hz
Tangle Free No
Impedance 18 Ohms
Driver 8 mm

4. Sony MDR XB510AS

Build Quality

The Sony MDR-XB510AS is meant to be victimization of high-quality materials for its construction.

The angular in-ear tube and also the silver driver casing make this earpiece stand out from the remainder in terms of aesthetics.

Additionally, there are ear clips to stay the earpieces intact even whereas participating in active sports and travail sessions.

This earpiece additionally comes with the IPX7 water resistance certification for out of door use with no damage.

The 1.2m cable is sufficiently long enough to succeed in your pant pockets with enough slack so that you don’t ought to concern the cable being stressed.

The flat vogue cable is tangle-resistant and may face up to minor abuses while not injury.

This budget earpiece comes with 3 pairs of ear tips that you just will replace in keeping with the scale of your ear for good and comfy work.

Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-XB510AS options a 12mm metallic element magnet driver to deliver glorious quality sound output across the spectrum.

This driver features a sensitivity of 111dB/mW, which is sort of high for a budget earpiece.

Sensitivity measures however economical the electrical signals are born again into sound signals by the drivers. additional the sensitivity, the higher the sound output at the lowest power consumption.

However, higher sensitivity would possibly induce occasional sound distortions at terribly high volume levels.

The driver within this earpiece covers a formidable frequency response vary of 4Hz – 24000 Hz, providing associate immersive music listening expertise.

The clever style of the driving force casing includes a bass duct that improves the standard of the pitch sound, creating it a bass lover’s dream companion.


If your music listening routine consists largely of EDMs and different bass-rich tones, buying this earpiece won’t spoil you in the least.

The immersive bass copy alongside clean mids and clear highs makes it the most effective comprehensive activity earpiece within the sub-Rs. 3,000 value phase.


Mic Yes
Frequency 4Hz-24000Hz
Tangle Free Yes
Impedance 16 Ohm
Driver 12mm

5. Sennheiser CX 300s

Build Quality

The Sennheiser 110 300s features an ancient earpiece style with a rounded driver casing and a metal-clad insert over constant for aesthetic functions.

The flat wires of the earpiece square measure of a good thickness and decent length. it's tangle-free and won’t hassle you even though these earphones square measure thrown into your pocket.

The ear tips that go with these earphones square measure comfy to wear and square measure sweat and wetness resistance. It won’t slide away loosely once it becomes wet.

There is an associate inline remote and mic for voice calls and media controls.

The L-formed phone jack is gold plated to confirm the lowest signal loss for higher music output.

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser 110 300s options a dynamic 10mm metallic element driver within to deliver a bass-driven, stereo sound expertise.

This speaker driver features a minimum electrical resistance of sixteen ohms and high sensitivity of thirteen dB/mW, creating its potential to deliver high-quality sound output even on low-end budget smartphones.

This driver covers a frequency response vary of 10Hz – 26000 rate, capable of reproducing even the slightest sound from associate instrument employed in music composition.

Since this can be done with an in-ear vogue earpiece, the speakers rest within the meatus. The rounded style of the driving force casing provides a passive noise cancellation result, attenuating most of the background noises from obtaining within the ears.

This glorious noise cancellation result enhances the immersive music listening expertise, wherever you're.


If you would like an essential earpiece with the only aim of being attentive to music, the Sennheiser CX 300s may be a sensible choice.

Excellent noise cancellation and also the high-quality dynamic driver deliver glorious quality sound output, creating this earpiece a wise selection for a budget underneath Rs.3,000.


Mic No
Frequency 10Hz-26000Hz
Tangle Free Yes
Impedance 16 Ohms
Driver 10mm

6. Signature Acoustics Ocean

Build Quality

The Signature Acoustic Ocean earpiece may be one of the foremost unorthodox trying earphones you would possibly ever stumble upon in life.

Because this can be a triple driver earpiece, the planning required to accommodate 3 drivers directly and this has talented this earpiece with a weird kind of issue.

However, the brilliant color scheme that flaunts blue and black makes this earpiece look loads higher nose to nose than in footage online.

The 120cm cable is of twisted combined style and coated with a plastic sheet to confirm sturdiness.

The angular earphone with ear tips works cozy within the meatus and won’t slide loose even whereas cardiopulmonary exercise or walking quickly.

Sound Quality

Usually, earphones go with one driver that manages the whole soundstage on its own.

Having multiple drivers helps this earpiece to deliver mids, highs, and lows one by one through every driver, thereby rising the main points and enhancing the soundstage separation for a beautiful quality audio copy.

The Renwotong comes with 2 6mm sound drivers and a 10mm balanced armature inside.

The main twin driver setup specifically targets the bass and treble and also the balanced coil helps in adding richness to the music by enhancing details within the vocals.

These 3 drivers cowl a large frequency response varies of 7Hz – 40000Hz, leading to a crisp and clear sound output that may satisfy the audiophile in you.

The filmable ear mold is meant to possess passive noise cancellation options. This will increase the standard of the sound starting of those drivers.


The Acoustic Ocean earpiece may be a nice selection for those that square measure searching for budget earphones with glorious audio quality. This triple driver earpiece is incredibly well priced for each penny you pay on that.


Mic Yes
Frequency 7Hz – 40000Hz
Tangle Free No
Impedance 15 Ohm
Driver 2 x 6mm, 1 x 10mm

7. Brainwavz M2

Brainwavz M2 in-Ear Headphones

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,799 (38% OFF)

Build Quality

The Brainwavz M2 earphones housing is formed from the top-grade metallic element. It options a black-colored finish cap to enhance the visual aesthetics of the merchandise.

The earphone feels comfy and lightweight. The polished metal housing imparts a premium styling to the present earpiece.

The 1.3m cable features a twisted combined style that is sturdy and tangle-free. Square 3.5mm jack is gold plated to minimize signal loss and forestall corrosion.

Sound Quality

The Brainwavz M2 options 10.7mm speaker drivers with the natural bass copy.

The excellent instrument separation helps to listen to even the faintest of the notes, thereby delivering satisfying audio expertise.

This earpiece performs equally well with EDMs, vocals, and pop, due to the wide frequency response spectrum.


Brainwavz M2 may be an essential in-ear wired earpiece with soothing sound output and sturdy build quality.


Mic No
Frequency 20Hz – 20KHz
Tangle Free Yes
Impedance 20 ohms
Driver 10.7mm

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