September 22, 2020 Bonita Soren


All you need to know about the latest Apple iPad Air 2020 before buying

All you need to know about the latest Apple iPad Air 2020 before buying

As we all are aware of the fact that on the 15th of September, Apple has its Apple Event and it was the biggest launching event of 2020. Apple has launched many gadgets and the interesting fact is that they have not launched their Apple iPhone 12 for which the people were waiting for. But this time they have launched a few gadgets and those are awesome. And one of the main launches is their Apple iPad Air 2020.

Today we are going to tell you about the details of the latest launch by Apple iPad Air 2020 before buying.


This latest launch by Apple is called the Apple iPad Air. The display size of this iPad is 10.9 inches and the display has a liquid Retina display. This gives a stunning look to this gadget. This iPad is powered by the powerful and advanced chip by Apple, the A14 Bionic chip that makes the iPad more advanced in terms of user experience. This iPad also has support for the Apple pencil which will make all the tasks more easy and smooth. And along with that, this has the magic keyboard with which users can use this iPad just like any other laptop and when they do not want the keyboard they can remove it easily and use it as an iPad. This amazing iPad is available in Sky Blue, Green, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space grey. All the colors are amazing and are classy. These will look amazing in the office, class, or normally at home. That is why Apple has named it “Powerful, Colorful, and Wonderful”.

The iPad Air:

This iPad has a 40% faster CPU performance so that you have the best user experience and can perform the entire task smoothly. This iPad also has the capacity where you can edit your 4K video in 4K only. That is an amazing feature. And if your work is more on the video making and editing side, this is the best option for you. And if you use any of the heavy applications, then also this is the best option as this has 30% faster graphics. So all the heavy applications will work smoothly, even for the gamers, this is going to work wonders. This iPad is faster in every aspect. This has a 10% faster machine learning feature. With the A14 Bionic chip, the user will get to experience the power of this iPad and will be able to perform all the tasks more smoothly.

In addition to that, with the second-generation Apple Pencil, the user will be able to paint, draw, and that too with dynamic brushes, they will be able to use it to the fullest and get the best output. This Apple pencil will help you create the best from your ideas. Whether that’s your emails, using your handwriting, creating sketches, also can turn handwriting into typed text, everything that you can imagine and create with your ideas and ability.

With this iPad, there will be less worry in terms of battery life as well. You can use this the whole day. And along with that multi-tasking will be easier. This iPad is versatile and you can use it in any way you want. This iPad is ready to work with you as long as you want. Because this also has 60% faster 4G LTE and has the accessibility of Wi-Fi 6. This means the user will get a seamless internet experience and with that, you can work and perform much better and that too according to your idea and need.

The USB-C of this iPad will allow you to fast connections to cameras, and that way this will display more and you will be able to work wonderfully.

What’s special in iPad Air 2020:

This time Apple has some special initiatives and those are related to the environment. The iPad Air features and the enclosures are made from 100% recycled aluminum, and also used 100% recycled tin in the making of the solder of the main logic board as well. Even the speakers of this iPad Air are made from 100% recycled rare earth elements. This is one of the best changes that Apple has made in the year 2020.


The starting price of the Apple iPad Air is INR: 54,900/-

NOTE: This is the latest launch by Apple and this time they have done fabulous work. Not only have they worked on the chip but also the better connectivity and everything. They have worked at the display as well. This can be said as the best gift of 2020 by Apple before buying. This iPad is made in such a way that it can beneficial for working professionals, business persons, artists, and students as well. The interesting fact is that they have kept in mind the environment as well. And they have made it using recycled materials and this can be said as the revolution in the technology industry.

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