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Mirzapur Season 2 Full HD Trailer on Amazon Prime Video with Release Date

Updated: April 04, 2021 13:01

The most awaited web series from Amazon Prime Video named Mirzapur 2. Now we can stream its trailer on Prime Video. This trailer is also posted on YouTube where it has received over 2.5 million views within just 2 hours of release. This is the most popular crime web series across all the OTT platforms. In this season we will see a new way of power and revenge in the city of Mirzapur. As season 1 gets to end, the people who have seen this series got excitement in the season. Inside the endless layers of revenge, conspiracy, romance, suspense, and impressive female power in the areas of Mirzapur 2 Trailer Release.
It's a new plot in the dark world about a new story, guns, and drugs, gets a deeper story.
The Mirzapur 2 web series release date is October 23rd, 2020.
And the rating of this season 2 series is still waiting for the views. But the IMDB has given 8.5 ratings to previous Mirzapur Season 1 which has released in 2018 more then 30K viewers have voted for this series.

Now coming to the story of Mirzapur 2 and cast Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu, Rasika Dugal, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Harsh Shekhar Gaur, Amit Sial, Anjum Sharma, Sheeba Chadha, Manu The first season, played by Rishi Chadha and Rajesh Telang, will be on the foundation of popular characters. This time fans will be going to see some interesting twist in relation to others like Vijay Verma, Priyanshu Pendouli, and Isha Talwar.
In this new season many contenders will be seen battling to secure their hold over Mirzapur, while at the same time, Guddu Bhaiya will get revenge for his brother's death. The trailer of 'Mirzapur 2' is so much loved by the fans from which it has got more than 3 lakh views till its release.

Mirzapur 2 Trailer: The trailer has been released, the video has created noise on YouTube.

The review has started since the release of this trailer. There YouTube video has received over 2.5 million views in just 2 hrs of release. In such a situation, fans are also interested in the dialogues of this new season 2 web series. So, we have written some of the dialogues which were going to famous as soon that we expected.

1. What has come, it will also go… Just wish we will - Kaalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi)

2. Whether we stay on the throne or Munna, the rule will be - Kaalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi)

3. I am adding a new rule… The one who can sit on the throne of Mirzapur can change the rule- Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma)

4. It was your mind that your daughter should rule Mirzapur. Not big, but small will do. - Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi Sharma)

5. Welcome to Bihar ..- Tyagi (Vijay Verma)

6. Lion has got blood on his mouth- Babu Ji (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)

7. The lion is older, but not old yet- Bina Tripathi (Rashika Duggal)

8. Now we have to take revenge and Mirzapur too - Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal)

To watch Mirzapur Season 2 Full HD video on 23rd October Join Amazon Prime Videos.

Mirzapur Season 2 Full HD Trailer on Amazon Prime Video

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