November 22, 2019 Abhishek Sahani


Tesla Cybertruck Test Drive Electric Pickup Truck Features Price Elon Musk In India

Tesla Cybertruck Test Drive Electric Pickup Truck Features Price Elon Musk In India

Electric car company Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed an absurd, futuristic, brutalist electric pickup truck which named Cybertruck to the world, I pulled myself up into its passenger seat. A Tesla employee then took me and three others for a short joy ride down a temporarily closed-off road that lines one side of SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Features and India Price :

It comes with the dual-motor version of the truck, which is supposed to go from 0 to 96.5606 Km per hour in just 4.5 seconds and will eventually start at $49,900 ( approx ₹ 3582450.74 Indian Rupee ). The prototype of the was quick that gives the perfect sensation in the body of the speed which is Tesla known for. The Bodyweight and the size of the truck have not been displayed yet on the official website of the tesla. From which we can find out the ratio of body weight and the speed of the truck. The only thing that tesla if offering in his new truck that is the space inside the cabin for both the passengers front as well as in the rear.

As the design of the truck is quite annoying to many people. I think the designers have designed this by thinking the truck is on Mars. We will be going to see the truck when it goes on production in late 2021.


The single-motor base model of the Cybertruck will be get up to 402.3 Km or more on a fully charged battery, with a 1587.5 Kg payload limit and 340.1 Kg towing capacity. It is very similar to all for the basic price as the entry-level of Model 3 and Model Y. While the price goes up from there, so do the specs, all the way to a version with a proposed 500-plus mile range and 6350.2 Kg of towing capacity, which is powered by the same three-motor “Plaid powertrain” the company has been testing early at Laguna Seca and the Nürburgring.

Specs Table:

Single Motor RWD
Dual Motor AWD
Tri-Motor AWD
0-60 MPH
6.5 sec 6.5 sec 2.9 sec
250+ Miles 300+ Miles 500+ Miles
Rear Wheel Drive Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Tri Motors All-Wheel Drive
100 FT3 100 FT3 100 FT3
Vault Length
6.5FT 6.5FT 6.5FT
Towing Capacity
7500+ LBS 10,000+ LBS 14,000+ LBS
Standard Standard Standard
Adaptive Air Suspension
Standard Standard Standard
Ground Clearance
Up to 16" Up to 16" Up to 16"
Approach Angle
35 Degree 35 Degree 35 Degree
Departure Angle
28 Degree 28 Degree 28 Degree

Musk has promised about the Cybertruck will crush any off-road scenario, for all thanks to adaptive air suspension and because of 16 inches of the ground clearance. Tesla also showed off photos of the truck on its official website with a trailer as well as camping gear. There are even some table stakes features for a modern truck, like 110V and 220V outlets, and lockable storage which we have shown above and some more unique touches, like an onboard air compressor.

All of the components are hiding behind a stainless steel body, or “exoskeleton” as Elon-Musk called it, the design from which it helps in opening the more room space in the cabin in the first place. Elon-Musk has confirmed that the Tesla is using the same cold-rolled steel alloy in the new Cybertruck body as SpaceX used for its Mars rocket prototype. Being a prototype the inside of the truck didn’t exactly seem finished yet. Then also the dashboard looks like a marble in Tesla’s official photos, it felt more like a slab of foam when you touched it. I expect that the body is made of steel because some people said that its a cold body after touching it. There will be no side mirrors or the rear-view mirror it all be displayed with the connection to a camera embedded in the back of the truck. The company has said that the next-generation version of car software is working in the new Cybertruck on a landscape-oriented, 17-inch touchscreen.