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Top 10 Best Shower Filters for Improved Hair and Skin 7th August 2022

Updated: August 07, 2022 19:29

Water, not only our need for a living but also how pure the water we are using and what's in the water that you are using is as important. From childhood, we were taught not to wastewater which also means use water effectively, and nowadays as the pollution intake is so high that we also have to make sure that the water that we are using is worth using. We all know that we should filter the water that we drink, otherwise we may get sick. But, the water that we use for taking showers or just washing our hair is equally important for our health. So, filtering the water that we use for the shower is also very important. Not filtered water not only can damage our skin and hair but also can harm us physically as long-term usage of water containing chlorine and different kind of bad bacteria can cause serious health issues. Studies show that chlorine and hard water are the leading causes of hair loss, dry and itchy skin, rashes, and other severe dermatological conditions. We all keep changing our hair care and skincare products, but changing the filter or having a good quality filter is the first and the best thing we can do for the health of our skin and hair.

In the current scenario that the world is facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all know how important hygiene is. We have to clean ourselves as much as we can. But in this process, if the water that we are using has bad bacteria content, then in the long run this may cause some serious health issues for you. To prevent this, Shower filters are created. These filters not only clean the water but it kills the bad bacteria and let the good bacteria stay. And you can get the best benefit from the water that you use. Only changing your normal shower with a shower filter can do wonders in your life. With the use of shower filters, you not only will get harmless pure water but also this will help you improve your skin and hair health as well. And not to forget, using filtered water for the shower will also make your skin look younger than ever.

That is why today we are going to talk about the top 10 best shower Filter that will give you pure filtered water and by using the filtered water; you will get improved hair and skin health. This may sound easy, but this easy process can change your life for the better way. So, here are the top 10 best shower filters for improved hair loss and skin on 7th August 2022.

1. WaterScience Cleo Shower Filter For Improved Hair loss And Skin (Chrome, SFW-815)

In the very first number on our list, we have this WaterScience Celo SFW-815 Shower Filter. This shower filter has a 4 layer filter with Nano-Silver carbon and patented KDF technology from The USA. This filter can fight chlorine and the hard water salts and will give you pure filtered healthy water which is not only chemical-free but also good for healthier and better hair and skin.

This filter also helps in preventing bacteria growth in the filter. This filter will help in; Reducing Hair fall, Protecting Your Skin, Prevents Bacteria, Preventing bad odor, and Prevents Limescale. In such a situation, the WaterScience Cleo Shower Filter eliminates 95% chlorine in your water making it healthier to use. The 4 layer filter will remove the hardness of the water and it will not stick to your skin and you will have healthy and youthful skin. The Nano Silver carbon has an antimicrobial function that guarantees a safer, healthier, and refreshing shower experience. This Nano Silver carbon is also a strong neutralizer that helps in preventing the bad odor from the water. Not to forget, the hardness removal layer in the Cleo Shower filter converts the stubborn salt into an easily removable form and helps in keeping the floor and walls of your bathroom limescale-free.

You can buy this Cleo SFW-815 Shower by WaterScience online from their official website or any other online shopping app. This life-changing Shower filter price in India is INR: 2,795.00 only. But, you may get offers in online apps and will be able to buy this in an even cheaper price range. With it yourself manual, you will be able to apply this in just 3 minutes in your bathroom.

2. Purifit 15 Stage Shower Head Filter

In the 2nd position, we have the Purifit 15 Stage Shower Head Filter. This is an amazing shower filter as it Reduces Dry Itchy Skin, Dandruff, and Eczema, and dramatically improves the condition of your Skin, Hair, and Nails. This Purifit 15-stage shower filter removes chlorine and fluoride from the water and saves you from the severe health risks that are associated with water. This 15-stage shower filter has many benefits. That includes;
Skin Protection: This shower filter prevents the dryness caused by the unwanted bacteria from the water that you use. It also improves the quality of your skin and this works wonders for people with sensitive skin issues.
Hair Repair: We all are aware of the fact that chemicals destroy the natural moisture from hair making it dry and frizzy, so we care a lot by using hair care treatments. Nut the main and important thing that we forget is the water we use for washing our hair. But, this shower filter rejuvenates the dry and damaged hair and makes it softer and smoother like never before with the help of Vitamin C and KDF-55 that is contained in the shower water filter cartridge.
Odor-free water: This filter can remove the odor from the water that we use by Ro+Uv+Uf included components Uv Led Strip purification method.
Baby Health Care: Baby's got the most sensitive skin. And for them, water may cause more damage than we can imagine. That's why clean pure and filtered water is very much important for them. This shower filter is just perfect for the baby's sensitive skin as it will not cause any damage or side effect on your baby. You can have this Purifit 15 Stage Shower filter from any online shopping site. The price of this Shower filter is the price in India INR: 1,642.00, but on the shopping websites, you will always get great offers.

3. Dr. Recommends Shower Filter For Hard Water Treatment

In the 3rd position, we have the Dr. Recommends Shower Filter for Hard Water Treatment | 2 Cartridges |15 Stage Shower Filter Reduces Hair fall | Remove Chlorine, Fluoride | Filter for Bathroom | Chrome – Medium.

These shower filters are mainly designed to extract chlorine from the water that you use. Along with that it also removes the unwanted bad Bactria that can cause severe damage to your hair and skin. The activated carbon catches the toxins and chemicals and doesn't let them come through the shower. When you have this filter, you won't need any special skills to install this filter. It's easy to use. The cartridge can be replaced easily and it will serve you up to 6 months before it will due to replacement.

This DR recommends a Shower filter that comes at a budget-friendly price. The MRP of this product is the price in India INR: 1,399.00 only. Nut, on different online shopping websites, you will get good discounts as well.

4. Watamate Activ+ Bathroom Shower And Tap Filter

The 4th position is owned by Watamate Active+ Bathroom Shower and tap filter which comes with 7 Layer Filter Technology for Hard Water. It is specially designed as the solution to hard water problems. This shower filter has got many benefits;

Daily active bathing: As this filter can solve the problems related to hard water and chemical-based water, this will make your everyday bath healthy and worry-free.

Reliable: The cartridge is very much reliable in this shower filter. The standers pack comes with 1 in builds cartridge. Spare Active+Fil cartridges are available in regular and as well as fragrance-filled aroma as well.

Long-Lasting: The performance capacity of this shower filter is up to 50,000 liters. This will free you from worrying about your performance. Moreover, the solid metal body with a brushed finish and the design will let it last for years.

If you want to have this Watamate Active+ bathroom shower and tap filter, you can order it online from online shopping websites. The cost of the shower filters starts from INR: 699.00 only (price in India). And you will get a good discount most of the time when you buy this from any online shopping website.

5. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

The 5th position in our list is owned by the AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter for Bathroom-Fits on Shower Heads. This also cleans chlorine from the regular water. The hard water shower filter has got Vitamin C, softener, minerals, and all the good things that are necessary for your bathroom and kitchen. This results in reducing hair-fall, protecting skin, and removing odor from the water. Overall it will give you a great and fresh shower experience. It will also save your eye from the bacterial infection that can cause by infected water. The activated carbon balls that this shower filter has, will remove suspended particles, reduce the effects of hard water, chlorine, and heavy metal like lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, salt, dust, iron, etc. This can reduce fluoride, itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, dull hair, or even brittle nails.

The AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter price in India is INR: 2,190.00/- But when you buy from online shopping sites, you will always get a heavy discount on this product.

6. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO ABS Shower And Tap Filter:

In the 6th position, we have the RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO ABS shower and tap filter for hard water with 15 stages (Chrome, Pack of 1). This filter will not only make your water clean but also will make it free from harmful bacteria and chemicals. RiverSoft SF-15 Pro ABS removes chlorine, hard salts from water.

Reduces Hair-fall: This shower filter uses NSF-approved KDF technology to reduce provides Vitamin-C which helps in maintaining the natural color and look of the hair.

Good for Unhealthy Dry Skin: The KDF and active carbon prevents chlorine from damaging your skin, and helps in maintaining natural moisture.

Prevents Bacteria: The Shower filter has anti-bacterial properties. This maintains the cleanliness of the water and prevents the growth of new bacteria.

Remove Bad odor: This shower filter kills the bacteria that cause odor. You can buy this online. The price of this RIVERSOFT SF- PRO ABS Shower and Tap Filter for hard water with 15 Stages (Chrome, Pack of 1) starts from INR: 1,448.00 (price in India). If you buy from online shopping websites, you can get a discount of more than 50%.

7. WaterScience Cleo Multi-Flow Water Saving Mist Massage Shower Head with Filter

In the 7th position, we have the WaterScience Cleo Multi-Flow Water Saving Mist & Massage Shower Head with Filter for Chlorine and Hard Water (with Standard Cartridge). As we already know that chlorine is very harmful to our hair and skin, so to prevent the damage from chlorine. This shower filter can give a superior showering experience that too with five different flow options. You can also save up to 70% water by using the mist mode. Not only that, the 4 layer filtering system, but also fights the chlorine and hard water salts. With the use of patented KDF technology from KDF fluid treatment Inc. IN the USA, this shower can eliminate up to 95% of the chlorine from the water that you use.

You can buy this WaterScience Cleo Multi-Flow Water Saving Mist; Massage Shower Head with Filter for Chlorine and Hard Water (with Standard Cartridge) from any online shopping website. The Price of this Water Filter is INR: 2,295 (price in India). Nut, you will get it at a good discounted price if you buy from online shopping websites.

8. Hemito Shower Filter & Tap Filter for Hard Water:

In the 8th rank, we have got the Hemito Shower Filter & Tap Filter for Hard Water "fit with All Showers & Taps with 22, 24 & 28mm Aerators" Control Hair Fall also reduce Dandruff, Dry Itchy Skin, and Improve Skin Condition. The interesting fact with this shower filter is that you will be able to tell the difference just after a few usages. Your hair will start revitalizing, and your acne, eczema, and dry itchy skin will also start healing. With the use of this shower filter, you don't have to use extra products in your hair care and skincare routines. This advanced 10 stages filtering system will take care of everything for you. It will also let your natural hair color be preserved and you will feel the difference just after a few washes only. The Body comes with 2 years of warranty whereas the filter comes with 6 months of warranty.

The price of this Hemito Shower Filter & Tap Filter for Hard Water is INR: 1,750.00 only (price in India). However, you will get extra off if you purchase from online shopping websites.

9. WaterScience CLEO SFU 717 Shower & Tap Filter

In the 9th category, we have the WaterScience CLEO SFU 717 Shower & Tap Filter - Fits all Standard Wall Showers, Handheld Showers, Rain Showers & Taps. This will help in reducing hair fall; it will also protect the skin and remove the bad odor. You will be able to get a clean and healthy shower every time. This product is "Made in India" and For India. This comes with 4 layer filter with the KDF technology and Nanosilver carbon which helps in reducing the chlorine, side effects of hard water, and removes all the impurities. If you want to buy this, you can buy this from any online shopping website. The price of this WaterScience CLEO SFU 717 Shower & Tap Filter is INR: 2,295.00 only.

10. Water Echo 15 Stage Shower Filter

In the 10th position we have got the Water Echo 15 Stage Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges – Hard Water Softener, Bathroom Water Purifier - Remove Chlorine Metal, Reduce Hair Fall, and Protect Skins. With ABS Plastic Chrome Finish. This shower filter will reduce hair fall and protects your skin from harmful bacteria. This filter converts the harmful chlorine into chlorides by the KDF, Calcium sulfate, activated carbon, and Vitamin-C. The activated carbon absorbs calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. The process that is used by this Shower filter removes the hardness of water and makes it healthier to use.

The price of the Water Echo 15 Stage Shower Filter with 2 Replacement costs is INR: 2,499 (price in India). And if you buy this from any online shopping website, you may get good offers and discounts as well.

NOTE: These are the Top 10 best Shower Filter for Improved Hair and Skin. Now day pollution is increasing in rapid growth and it is affecting air, water, soul everything. We use water every single day, and using clean and pure water has become very important. Not only filtering is important for drinking water but also for washing and bathing as well. That is why we have listed the Top 10 Best shower filters for you. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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