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Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000 In India (1st August 2022)

Updated: August 01, 2022 10:33

We all are crazy about music. We might have different tastes in music but we all can not deny the fact how important music is to us. It is an important part of our life. So headphones were created so that you can enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others and also with full concentration. Since these headphones have become so important that even to talk over the phone or use Google Voice assistant, we use headphones. To make this process even smarter and smoother, manufacturers have created wireless headphones. And smart as well. Now, this seems a bit costly, as we all have the basic idea that a good pair of wireless headphones will cost a lot. But, that is not trusted. To solve your problem, we are here to tell you about the top 10 wireless but budget-friendly headphones or a list of the top 10 best closed-back headphones under 500 that you can have without having to think a lot about your wallet. So here are the top 10 best wireless headphones under Rs 5,000 in India in 2022. (price updated on 1st August 2022)

1. JBL Tune 700BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

The first place is owned by a brand named JBL. It is a popular brand amongst the youth. This model is called the JBL Tune 700BT. These wireless headphones come with the latest Bluetooth chipset with a microphone. These headphones will be going to be your favorite. This is lightweight and has a powerful HD sound with everyone's favorite, the deep boosted base. So that you can enjoy every bit and drop off your favorite music. The 10mm drive that is installed, is to make sure that you can feel the exceptional audio experience. So that it can provide the JBL Tune 700BT Over-Ear with 27 Hours of playback time under optimal audio output, quick charging of 5 minutes provide additional 2 Hours of playback time, a multi-Point connection to quickly switch between two Bluetooth devices seamlessly, and an audio cable to connect and play with AUX. The price in India of these JBL Tune 700BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones is INR 3,900/-. You can choose from the four-color variants that it provides Black, Green, Red, and Blue.

2. Skullcandy Hesh3

In our list, the 2nd position is also owned by SkullCandy. This time it's the Skullcandy Hesh3 Over-Ear Headphone with Mic (Black) that took the place. This is also a wireless headphone with amazing features. This headphone comes with 22 hours of rechargeable battery. That means after one full charge you don't have to worry about the next 22 hours. And you will be able to enjoy your favorite music. This is an Over-ear type of headphones. And you can connect it with Bluetooth or with the wire as well. The choice is all yours. This also has got passive noise isolation. And this amazing headphone only weighs 226g. So it won't be a burden on your heart for sure. Talking about the cost. This Skullcandy Hesh3 price in India starts from INR: 5,980 only on Amazon India.

3. Boat Rockerz 370

The 3rd position is owned by Boat. This model is Boat Rockers 370. This headphone has a 300mAh battery life which will give you a battery life of up to 8 hours. The design is made in such a way that it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. The headset has padded ear cups to give you that cozy experience. When we talk about the performance, it has a sensitivity of 79 dB/mW. And in terms of frequency, the maximum frequency response is 20000Hz and the minimum is 20Hz. This supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0. These headphones come with both call control and music control as well. Design-wise this comes in three colors, buoyant Black, Fiery Red, and Gregarious Green. You can choose from the colors you like the most. The price of the Boat Rockerz 370 starts from INR: 999 only.

4. Boat Rockerz 450

The 4th position is owned by Boat again. This time it is the Boat Rockers 450. This headphone has HD immersive audio. These headphones come with 40mm premium drives so that you can enjoy the audio with crystallizing rhythms. Adding to it, this has up to 8 hours of audio playing mode. So no tension in getting it charged again and again. And the best part is it has a standby time of 300 to 400 hours. And to charge these headphones it just takes almost 3 hours. That's amazing. These headphones are easy to use as well. You can also communicate easily with the in-built mic and don't have to worry about the phone calls that you might get in between you and your music. This also comes with an LED indicator which is very smart. This Boat Rockers 450 comes in two colors. The black and the white ones. If you want to have it, the price starts from INR 1,219 only.

5. JBL T460BT Extra Bass

The 5th position is owned by brand JBL. This time it is by the JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones with 11 Hours of Playtime & Mic. This amazing headphone by Skullcandy has 11 hours of battery life. Means no worries. For the comfort of the user, it comes with a plush on-ear cushion so that you can feel extra comfort. This also has a microphone attached to it so that you can easily receive or cut the call that might come in between you and your music. The volume control, the track, and the call option all are attached to the headphone themselves. All of this and also a 1-year warranty. That's a great deal. When we talk about the performance it is a headphone for getting Extra Bass. If you want to have this, this comes in four different color options. Like the Street Gray Fade Heather, the Gray Black, and the White Grey Red. You can choose from these color variants. And the price is also budgeting-friendly. The price of the JBL T460BT On-Ear Headphone price in India starts from INR: 2,499 on Amazon India.

6. Sennheiser HD 350BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphone

The 6th position is owned by the brand Sennheiser. This model is Sennheiser HD 350BT Over-Ear Wireless White Headphone. This comes with a 1-year warranty for the users. When talking about the performance of this headphone it comes with a 30-hrs of battery life which contains USB type-C fast charging with 5.0 Bluetooth support. This is very lightweight and stylish as well and also it is designed in such a way that you can also fold it. You can control all your calls and music with these headphones. The attached mic will let you record audio or talk over your phone as well. It ranges up to 15 meters in distance. If you think that this is the type of headphones you are looking for that go for it. it comes in two colors, Black and white. The price of the Sennheiser HD 350BT starts from INR: 6,599 only on Amazon India.


The 7th position is owned by the brand Boat. This time the model is boAt NIRVANAA 751 ANC Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling. It comes with a warranty of 1 year with the headphone. When we talk about the performance it comes with an Active Noise Cancellation feature that elevates the vibe to a whole new level of pleasure while hearing music. You will be able to control all your phone calls, music, and volume of the music right from the headphone. For connectivity, it supports the latest wireless technology that has a range of up to 40 mm drivers. The company claims that it can deliver 54 hours of playback time on ANC, while if you are not enabling the ANC feature then the headphone will deliver 64 hours of playback time. And if you charge these headphones just for 10 mins you can get 10 hours of battery backup. This headphone comes in three color options Bold Blue, Gunmetal Grey, and Sterling Silver. If you are willing to buy these headphones then they can be yours easily as it is budget-friendly headphones in the price range starting from INR: 3,999 only.

8. Boult Audio ProBass Anchor Over-Ear Active Noise Cancellation

The 8th category is taken by Boult. This is the Boult Audio ProBass Anchor Over-Ear Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones with 30hrs Playtime. This headphone comes with a 1-year warranty and a 7-day replacement on Amazon. It's an over-ear with a 150 grams weight, 22 x 9 x 18 cm in the dimension that a quite lightweight. It can be foldable, and easy to carry anywhere. So that the user can carry this with ease and they don't have to worry about where to place these headphones after use. Boult's sound signature quality has been packed in this headphone with extra punchy, deep bass sound with accentuates the warm midst and crystal sparkly highs. The headphone is workable up to 40m of distance. The company's main focus in this headphone is on the most advanced noise cancellation. You can use these headphones even in highly crowded areas like engine sound, aviation environments, trains, traffic noise, etc. You can easily cut/receive phone calls; control your music and the volume as well. You can record audio, and talk over the phone. It comes with a separate ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) button. When we talk about performance, this headphone ranges up to 40 meters of distance. And once connected, you don't have to worry about connecting the device again and again because it has the Auto Pairing feature attached to it. When it comes to battery, it has an Anchor powerhouse battery that can last 30 hours and 5 days in the standby position. The headphone comes with a built-in Siri and Google Assistance voice control feature that gives power to any gadget to control all the features by our voice. This Boult Audio ProBass is available in Black colour only. This headphone will provide the best ever expense while gaming every gamer should have hands-on. In popular games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, Fortnite Mobile, and Call Of Duty Mobile users will get the best experience of sound.

9. Philips SHB4000

The 9th position holder on our list is Philips. This model is Philips SHB4000. This model of headphones comes with a warranty for 1 year. And now talking about the performance of this headphone by Philips, this has a maximum frequency response up to 20000 Hz from a minimum of 20Hz frequency. When we talk about the power, this headphone has got max power input of 100m W. this headphone is smart and can be used for various purposes such as answering your call, Rejecting your call, or can even redial your last call and with the built-in microphone, you can easily talk to the person on phone via the headphones. You can also control your music, by keeping your volume up or down or going to the previous track, playing the next track, playing, pausing, or stopping your music. All with the headphone. This model of headphones by Philips supports Bluetooth 3.0. And can range up to 15 meters of distance. The Bluetooth features that you are going to get are our Auto Pairing, The media remote, and multi-pointing connectivity. The battery life of these headphones is 9 hours and when put on standby mode, it will go up to 300 hours. This headphone by Philips comes in two color options, Black and White. The price range of the Philips SHB4000 starts from INR: 1,590 only.

10. Boat Rockerz 640

Now coming to the 10th position. The 10th position on our list is owned by Boat again. This time the model is Boat Rockerz 640. This has a foldable design which is very attractive. And when we talk about the feature of the headphone, it comes with noise cancellation so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted audio experience. It also has echo reduction and noise reduction features, so you can experience clear audio from your headphone. You can also control your calls, like receiving or rejecting your calls, and talk as it comes with an attached microphone also you will be able to control your music right at your headphones. This headphone supports the Bluetooth 4.2 version. This Boat Rockers 640 comes in the color Black. The price range id this headphone is from INR: 3,224 only.

NOTE: These are the Top 10 budget-friendly wireless headphones under the range of INR: 5000. In today's world, nobody wants to get caught by wires all around, so wireless headphones are gaining popularity day by day and even smartphones have started to eliminate the earphone jack so only Bluetooth-connected headphones are their only option. you can also say that wired headphones are becoming old school and wireless headphones are replacing them.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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