By Bonita Soren | Updated: October 21, 2020 11:48 IST


5 Weird But Useful Gadgets You Should Know About

5 Weird But Useful Gadgets You Should Know About

In this era of smart gadgets and upgraded technology, every manufacture is working very hard to invent new gadgets that could ease day to day life of people. It's not only a luxury but also a necessity. A gadget helps us to save a lot of our time and energy. In this way, we can invest our time to do other useful things. The 21st century cannot be imagined without gadgets. Our day to day life is full of different uses of different gadgets. Some are cool but some inventions are weird as well. That can be classified as weird but useful at the same time. In the competition of making useful and smart gadgets the makers have gone too far. Sometimes really far that we even have no clue that such gadget even exists in our world. Today we are going to talk about such gadgets which can make your life smarter but at the same time will make you think how and who thought of creating such gadgets.

The 5 gadgets that we are going to tell you about are mentioned below.

1. The Pearl AI-Power Earbuds:

These unique Earbuds are here to offer a special audio experience to users. These are new and enhanced kinds of audio devices for music lovers to experience impressive audio experience that too in an eco-friendly manner. These earbuds deliver the best quality sound experience with active noise cancellation. It has silent mode and quiet mode. These earbuds are powered by Qualcomm Qcc5121 chip that helps in giving a premium quality audio experience. It has got built-in touch gestures that make it smarter. And the smartest thing is that it runs by solar charging. This makes it unique and eco-friendly. With just 30 minutes of solar charging, you can play for more than 2 hours at a go. This has a feature for loss prevention so that there will be no worry about losing your earbuds. These earbuds measure 27x27x17 mm. it is available in 3 colors, Silver, Gold, and black. These amazing and unique earbuds cost RS: 11,055.

2. The HEX wireless Carry's On Set ( Wireless smartphone charging):

To make your travel more convenient, HEX has brought to you this amazing travel bag with a patent-pending wireless charging facility. HEX is a travel bag and phone case company. In its newest launch, they have combined the two and created something that will ease up your traveling experience. This suitcase comes with the ability to charge your phone from the top of the shell. You just have to set your smartphone on the integrated charging plate which is there right at the top of the suitcase and you can enjoy the wireless charging facility right there. This suitcase has got a Power Bank attached to it. This gadget costs around $279 to $299 and in Indian currency that would be around Rs: 21,100 rupees to Rs: 22,600 rupees.

3. The Jamming Bracelet:

This is an ultrasonic bracelet that jams the microphones around you. This might sound a bit crazy at first, but this is true. A gadget that does all this exists. At the University of Chicago, researchers have built this experimental bracelet. it could have jammed most of the microphones no matter what direction they are in. this bracelet cum gadget not only ensures omnidirectional jamming but also can eliminate blind spots just by your wrist moment just like you are doing some sort of magic but with the technology of course. The scientists have told "The New York Times" about this innovation that inventors have been asked about the commercializing of this technology. It is estimated that this device could be made by spending roughly about $20 or in Indian currency Rs: 1,500 rupees. But, there are some big issues related to the commercialization of this gadget. If this gadget is worn in public, both good and bad things can be done with the help of this device which may cause legal issues as well.

4. An air purifier with headphones:

Yes! You have read it right. A British company has come up with the idea of having an air purifier for your face along with your headphones. Now, with this gadget, you will be able to have pure air while listening to your favorite music track. This company's name is Dyson. The air purifier is built directly into the ear cups which are connected by a second headband that can be folded into a face mask. This folded face mask will blow purified air for you. It is said that it draws in 1.4 liters of air every second. This can be said as the future of technology for humans.

5. The Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard:

This Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard is a premium quality keyboard. This special keyboard is made for those special users who always look for style as well as comfort in their technologies. Because being smart is not complete without being comfortable in using your gadget. This keyboard also can enhance your digital productivity. This unique keyboard is equipped with an LED backlight for low-light typing mode. This keyboard is unique, easier, and of course more enjoyable. You can say that it adds glamour to your work life. It costs $149 and in Indian currency, this would be around Rs: 11,300 rupees. This smart keyboard is available at their

NOTE: These are some of the weird but useful gadgets that you should know about. We can say that as our world is progressing, the world of technology is also progressing. People are trying hard to come up with ideas to upgrade your gadget or to create something so different that it will change your life. Of course, technology has helped us shape up our day to day life, and we cannot live without technology. Our daily need is somewhere fulfilled by these amazing gadgets and upgraded technologies. There are a lot more different gadgets that are there for making our life more comfortable and upgraded. We will keep updating everything just for you. Stay safe, Stay Upgraded.