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Frozen 2 (2019) Movie Review IMDb Rating and Earning

Updated: August 19, 2020 12:32

The movie Frozen 2 (2019) is a perfect traditional movie for the Disney film. But with this movie, Disney tries to grow beyond it. That's the way there no prince, no evil monster, and no damsel in distress. After seven years of Frozen Film, Disney has done a fresh story for Frozen 2 that has more mature content from its first movie Frozen. While the first movie has melted the heart of all the audience with its innocence, the second one has grown more confident.

In this part of the movie, Elsa has finally accepted her status as the Queen and Arendelle is a safe loving place to be. Kristoff and Sven are trying hard to keep up with the royals and the funny snowman Olaf is living his life to the fullest under the sun. Anna too is the same, careless and gleeful, who wants to keep everybody close.

Everything is pretty much 'happily ever after' since Frozen until Elsa is summoned by a mysterious voice only she can hear. She tries to suppress it but ends up waking up the magical voices of the forest and digging up her family's past. On their adventurous journey, Elsa and Anna would do anything to keep each other safe. But Elsa has bigger responsibilities to cater to. She has to keep Arendelle safe.

While Frozen was a mixture of Elsa accepting her magical powers, Kristoff and Anna's budding romance, and Olaf's quirk, Frozen 2 focuses on the sisters' bond and their family history. It answers questions like, how did Elsa get her powers, what happened to their parents and a truth about their family that would restore peace among Arendelle, enchanted forests, and dark seas beyond it. In this one there is no figurative monster, it is the circumstances that turn out to be major villains. But amid all this chaos and mystery, Olaf is comic relief and it will make you fall in love with him once again. However, one wishes to see more of Kristoff and Sven.

The film is not a simple kid's tale, it has deeper and complex messages for everyone. For instance, when it is trying to highlight the importance of harmony between nature and humans, it also sheds light on political conflicts between nations that could harm generations.

The voice cast of Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, and Josh Gad as Olaf have been retained from the first part and they easily manage to bring their characters to life again, adding more distinction and conviction.

Compared to Frozen, for the second part, Disney has upped its game in terms of animation and visuals effects. Given the mega-success of Frozen, the budget of its sequel eventually got a hike and it is translated on the screen as well. A particular scene in a film where Elsa fights with a water horse is so phenomenally executed that it can give many live-action films a run for their money.

The background score by Christophe Beck adds a cherry on top. The songs are good too. Idina Menzel and Aurora's Into the Unknown and Weezer's Lost in the Woods can easily slide into your playlist, however, Frozen's soundtrack has an upper hand.

It's a great movie to enjoy with the family. I think children are going to enjoy the movie. As a parent, if you have skipped the first part of the movie so don't worry the character Olaf will tell you the whole story in just 30 seconds.

IMDb Rating and the Earnings:

IMDb has given 6.9 ratings out of 10 (6.9/10). It's an average of 121,484 peoples it means that 121.4k peoples have voted in this poll.

The first weekend earning is $350 million worldwide.

Overall $1.32 billion since its release in November 2019.

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