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How reliable IT support manage properly IT security risks?

Updated: September 22, 2022 19:37

The security of your data is an essential prerequisite for the development and sustainability of your business. To allow you to work with peace of mind, reliable IT support protects your entire infrastructure. Network, computers, data: your entire work ecosystem is taken into account to guarantee optimal IT security. They also help you secure your business data properly in case of IT security risks.

Cyber attacks or IT security risk

Data theft, ransom demands, damage to image, or sabotage are all risks that weigh on companies, with often serious and sometimes irreversible consequences. This reality can still seem abstract, very technical, complex, and costly for companies, especially the smallest ones so they do not always prepare sufficiently.

However, SMEs/VSEs are particularly at risk: in the absence of protective devices, they are a target of choice for malicious actors who optimize their gains by attacking the most vulnerable.

IT support service provider plays an important role here to protect SMEs and VSEs. If you want to avoid the IT security risk as much as possible, here are ways how reliable IT support providers to manage these issues properly.

1. Know your IT devices well

In order to guard against a Cyberattack or security issues, it is above all necessary to know your computer equipment in order to protect it well.

Taking an inventory of all the equipment, peripherals, and software used in your company helps identify the elements that need special attention. The IT support provider is the lever to analyze your IT equipment, and the data used and to check all access to internal and external connections of the company.

They offer you an audit of your computer equipment and your level of security to counter cyberattacks and implement protection solutions adapted to your company.

2. Protect your network

Are you one of the 73% of companies that are confident in their level of cybersecurity? Your company's private network must be protected from the public network.

The use of the Internet in business is almost compulsory. Whatever the needs, the company must protect itself from the public network when it enters the private network of the company. It is desirable to check the management of incoming flows, to be able to detect intrusions, filter undesirable or malicious content, and analyze Internet browsing.

IT support service as Technology Solutions offer you the solution: An effective Firewall to protect you from the dangers of the Internet.

3. Ensure regularly updates

It is essential to update operating systems and any software as soon as security patches are made available by their publishers. Whether you use a PC, a Mac, or a Smartphone, it is advisable to make the recommended updates. Indeed, their role is to strengthen computer security or to correct any bugs. The longer you wait to make these updates, the more you will be exposed to attacks and the migrations will be complex.

Managed IT service offers you the solution: Regular monitoring and strict application of the updates offered.

4. Use updated Antivirus

Installing anti-virus software is essential for your computer security. The antivirus provides effective and lasting protection for your computer against viruses and spyware. It must be deployed on all workstations and on the server. The automatic updates of your antivirus are very important and must be managed by your IT department or by your outsourcer. They make it possible to have the latest versions of the software for better protection of the systems and act against the latest attacks listed.

Here, reliable IT support offers you the solution: A Professional Security Suite on each machine and controlled remotely.

5. Email security

Email and phishing attacks are complex for businesses. In fact, spam, and malware are generally distributed via attachments or URLs contained in emails, and phishing making people believe that the message comes from a trusted person or organization represents 90 % of risks incurred by your company via email. Prevention, the training of your employees, as well as good reflexes, make it possible to guard against phishing attempts.

An updated IT support offers you the solution: upstream protection of your messaging system and increased vigilance.

6. Right password management

Many attacks on the Internet are facilitated by the use of passwords that are too simple or reused from one service to another. Implementing cryptography as part of your IT security plan limits intrusions into your Information System. Cryptography is a technique for encrypting passwords so that they cannot be read by uninitiated people.

Rules should be established so that each department and each employee has different passwords that are impossible to guess. Change your passwords regularly and at the slightest suspicion, activate “two-factor authentication” when offered.

A password manager allows you to have peace of mind and to find your passwords. The IT support provider offers you the solution: The implementation of a professional password manager.

7. Ensure secure remote working with VPS

The IT security process implemented within the company has not always been activated for remote working. To avoid cyberattacks, it is essential to use only equipment provided by the company, install a confidentiality filter, always lock your computer, and not connect personal equipment. If you need to access your company's network, do so through a VPN with two-factor authentication.

Here, a professional IT support provider offers you the solution: installation of a secure VPN tunnel

8. Educating your Collaborators

Cybersecurity risk is 90% linked to the lack of continuous training for teams. Hackers often take advantage of human error. To minimize the risks, organize data protection training sessions. Make your employees aware of the separation of personal and professional use of the Internet. And above all, do regular internal security tests.

The reliable IT support offers you the solution: training your employees on computer security

9. Ensure regular backups

If despite all these recommendations, you are the victim of a cyberattack, you must be able to bounce back quickly so as not to jeopardize the company. Indeed, 80% of companies that have lost their computer data go bankrupt within 12 months.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is essential that all your data is properly backed up and that you can access it easily.

The backup of your data must be automatic and daily because you must not lose more than 24 hours of work. It should be checked regularly with a rollback test. These actions will guarantee you a restart in a few hours with an IT Continuity Plan.

Thus, the reliable IT support service offers you the solution: a backup allowing a quick restart.

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