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Nokia 43-inch 4K Smart Tv Launch Date In India, Price And Specs

Nokia 43-inch 4K Smart Tv Launch Date In India, Price And Specs

This generation does not only love smartphones. But also each gadget that they use is smart. And in this competition of being smarter, the manufacturer is trying very hard to satisfy their customers. With every single launch, the expectation of the customers and also the need of the customers increases. We want everything smart. Even our TV should be smart. So the manufacturers are trying hard to create something extra every time. When we talk about the TV that we all aware of was only used as a medium of entertainment where we were able to watch some particular set of programs that has been telecasted. But nowadays the definition of TV has completely changed. We can not call it an "Idiot Box" anymore. Because it has become very smart with time and our needs. We not only watch our favorite programs on a TV but also can connect outsmart phones with smart TV and use our apps through the smart TV. You can access the internet with the TV and enjoy it. Today we are going to talk about the latest launched smart TV by Nokia. Although the current situation has affected many now the market is growing again. The latest Smart Tv by Nokia is finally launched in India. This is a 43 inch Nokia Smart TV. This TV was being teased on the Nokia website since March 2020, but because of the pandemic of COVID-19, it was delayed. Finally, Nokia is going to launch its new Nokia 43-inch 4k smart tv in the Indian market.

Nokia 43-inch 4K Smart Tv Specs:

Audio Quality:

This smart tv is also smart in terms of its sound. The sound of the Nokia 43-inch 4k smart TV has the powerful sound quality of JBL. It is going to give super sound quality. So, for all the music and movie lovers, this is going to be something extra and awesome to experience. This is engineered for minimal harmonic distortion at all ranges. And the most powerful thing is the deep bass notes that you will be able to feel with every bit of music you play.

Superb Display:

In terms of display also, this is mind-blowing and smart. This smart TV by Nokia has lots of colors so that you can feel the vibrant view. You will be able to experience 1.07 billion colors too in a single frame. The image quality that you are going to witness is very true and you will experience reality through the screen of your Smart TV. Not to forget, the wide color Gamut provides a picture depth that makes the color more realistic. It will make green more greener, blues bluer and reds redder. So that you can experience the magic of this screen.


This smart Tv by Nokia has a stylish design as well. This has fewer edges and more entertainment for the users. This focuses more on the bigger picture. The main concentration of this model is the minimal bezel design for the maximum active UHD 4K screen area.


This Nokia 4k smart TV is powered by Android 9. When it comes to being smart, the main performance depends upon power. In this particular smart TV, you can enjoy all your favorite apps directly from the Google PlayStore. You will also be able to control your smart TV just by using your voice with the AI-enabled Google Assistant feature. And you will be all set to experience the smart TV all by your control.


When you are the gin to purchase this smart LED TV, along with the box, you are going to have some items. Such as 1 remote control, 1 base stand and some screws, 1 wall mount stand screw, 1 user manual, 1 power cord, and 2 no of AAA batteries, and this model comes in Black color. When we talk about the resolution of this TV, this comes with Ultra HD (4K) technology with 3840x2160 resolution. This is going to give you a fantastic viewing experience. In the case of Wi-Fi, this has 2.4GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n type support. This also has got built-in Wi-Fi.

Launch And Price In India:

Finally, you will be able to have this amazing smart LED TV by Nokia. The first sale of this Nokia 43-inch Ultra HD (4K) is going to start from the 8th of June, 2020. You can buy it online from the online shopping site Flipkart. the estimated price was INR 52,999. But, they have decided to have the price margin by dropping 39%, and now the price of this Nokia 43-inch UHD (4K) TV is INR 31,999 only. That too with a one-year warranty. So, this is a win-win situation for the customers.

NOTE: This is by Nokia and the sound is powered by JBL. So, this smart TV experience is going to be super amazing. The trust of Nokia and of course the sound of JBL has caught everyone's eye. Although the market was running low, as situations are getting better, manufacturers are also back with lots of deals and surprises. And this time it is by Nokia. We all are waiting for the sale to start so that the customers can grab their smart TV and able to explore the world of smart TV by Nokia.

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