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Now Apple HomePod mini works with an 18W charger new update

Updated: January 03, 2021 15:14

Now the latest Apple HomePod mini has received the support of 18W power adapters through the updated software version 14.3, some users report. The company has not clarified this news on the releasing event of this new update, which was held earlier this month. But some users have now noticed that the latest software version enabled the Apple HomePod mini to work with an 18W charger or adapters. In the beginning, users were forced to use the bundled 20W USB-C wall adapter charger with the new Apple HomePod mini, and if they use the 18W charger they get an error before this new update.

This new change in the Apple HomePod mini was first reported by a Reddit user the 8-Bit. This time after the new software update HomePod allows users to use their existing 18W Apple iPhone or Apple iPad charger with Apple HomePod mini. This change comes with the software version 14.3 in HomePod, although the company hasn't updated its support page yet with the reported details.
Before the software version 14.3, HomePod mini users get a red/orange circle at the top display when they try to connect the 18W charger in it.

We knew that this is not a big update for many HomePod mini users. Still, we think some users are happy after getting this update which allows you to connect HomePod mini with an 18W charger and use its bundled 20W adapter with their iPhone or iPad to gets a faster-charging support experience. This 20W adapter can also be used to get 15W wireless charging technology support with Apple's MagSafe Charger.

Because of this new update of 18W charger support, now users can plug the cable into a compatible USB via a Type-C wall socket directly and enjoy the HomePod mini experience.
We knew that the original HomePod has an integrated adapter and cable, but the HomePod mini comes with an integrated cable that has only USB-C connectivity.

Cons of this new update:

9to5Mac reports that after we update this new software of 18W charger support to the Apple HomePod mini. Still, some of the chargers with the same wattage quality are not working, to show an orange light on the display. We think after the new update we still have many limitations to power our Apple HomePod mini.

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