Samsung QA85Q950TSK 85-inch QLED 8K UHD TV Online price in USA

 By Bonita Soren | Updated: April 07, 2021 10:37 IST

Samsung QA85Q950TSK 85-inch QLED 8K UHD TV Online price in USA

We all are aware of the fact that the technology industry is growing and that too at a rapid speed. All the brands are working hard to get more customers and for that giving them what they need is important. Today’s world is filled with people who are completely aware of the updated technology and in this scenario, making them happy and letting them have what they want according to their requirements and to make them happy has become a huge task. All the brands are doing their best in giving their customers updated technology.

Just like the other brands Samsung also has worked very hard in the field of technology. They have achieved so much and they are also targeting every group of people so that they can last longer in this industry. Samsung is launching every product with care and with the proper pan as this can be seen by some of their previous launches.

Today we are going to talk about their latest launch, the Samsung QA85Q950TSK 85 inch QLED 8K UHD TV which is their latest and most updated smart TV. This is just not only a TV; this is a completely new experience that the users are going to have. This is the future of a smart TV.

About the Features:

This is the Samsung 85” Q950T 8K Smart QLED TV. Samsung has done some amazing work in the making of this awesome smart TV. This is the future of Smart TV. This TV is going to surprise you for many factors. The looks, technology, audio, video, and everything are just superior. This is the complete package of the future Smart TV that you are going to experience now.

  • You will get to experience the power of the future. This is going to an amazing experience. This will provide the users with an edge-to-edge viewing experience. The users will get to experience the nearly-invisible bezel that this TV is providing with. Not only that the body of this TV is so sleek and slim that you will not at all get distracted by the hardware of the TV. This will enhance the viewing experience even more.
  • As we have already seen in the name that they have mentioned the 8K in the name of this TV. And this is an 8K Smart TV. That means that the viewing experience is going to be great and the user will get the real viewing experience. The screen is so large that you will not feel like visiting the cinema hall to watch movies. All can be done on this amazing Smart TV. This TV has got 33 million pixels with ultimate clarity which gives the user that extra unique and special feeling when they are going to watch their favorite movie or web series on this Smart TV. And not to forget that the resolution is four times more than a normal 4K Smart TV. By this only we can easily understand how clear and realistic experience can be felt while watching a favorite movie or a web series.
  • This TV is intelligent. That true, this smart TV by Samsung is way more intelligent than we could ever imagine. We can Cleary say that the users will be able to feel the reality in the virtual screen as well. The processor that is on this TV is a Quantum Processor 8K. This is going to work wonders. The powerful and intelligent processor is going to create the best viewing experience for the user. This will be possible with the help of the brilliant 8K AI Upscaling and Adaptive Picture mode.
  • This TV is intelligent and can sense the environment of the TV. This will understand the surrounding where the TV is set up and this will start working accordingly. This will automatically adjust its brightness according to the need of the environment so that the user doesn’t have to face any problems.
  • This smart TV will give you the best viewing experience. You are going to feel the power of less. This TV is created in such a way that there should not be any gap between the wall and the TV. You just need to mount the TV into your wall and experience a seamless viewing experience.
  • This has got the dynamic sound that can track the object. This is also called the OTS+. With this feature, the user will get to experience realistic cinematic sound.
  • Not only the amazing audio but the display as well. The display has got the direct full Array 32X. This is going to give you a true-to-life viewing experience. It is made in such a way that the backlight zones will automatically adjust scene by scene to give you the fullest range of dark and light.
  • The ultra-viewing angle of this amazing smart TV is created in such a way that you will be able to watch every detail at any angle. This gives the user the ultra-viewing experience for the consistent picture does not matter if you are sitting exactly at the front of the screen or the side. Your every corner will be your best corner.
  • This smart TV has got the Quantum HDE 32X which has set a new standard in the field of giving incredible details and brightness to the screen. With this, the user will get to enjoy the rich, accurate color and deeper contrast that too with crisp details. Along with that, the dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+ shifts color and contrast scene by scene, this allows the user to appreciate the slightest nuances as well.
  • This also has got a billion shades of accurate color. This comes with Quantum Dot technology which gives the finest picture experience. This gives 100% color volume and gives breathtaking color and you will get to witness the exact colors that are there in the picture.
  • If you are a gamer then this is going to be super exciting for you. As this has got the Real Game Enhancer+. You will get an enhanced gaming experience without having to make any extra adjustments. This also got the extra motion clarity that is going to reduce halo and blur in the fast-moving game scenes. This is going to give the gamers an amazing experience. Even in the dark scenes, the gamer will get a clear view. This has amazing AMD FreeSync is going to reduce tearing and shuttering so that you can win every game that you play.
  • When we talk about audio clarity, this Smart TV is going to rule everyone’s heart. This TV has used the AVA or the Active Voice Amplifier which can reduce the unexpected noises from your home and does not allow it to disturb your viewing experience. AVA amplifies the voices in the scene so that every dialogue that has been delivered can be heard and without any disturbance.
  • Along with the AVA, this has the Q-Symphony. When you buy this Smart TV, along with the QLED’s top speakers, there are also sound bars front and side and also up side-firing speakers. All of these together create magic. All these together create the ultimate surrounding sound experience which allows you to get that special amazing audio experience.
  • This TV can be made into two. That’s right. This TV has got a multi-view split, that will split the TV screen into two where the user will be able to watch their favorite cinema or game on one side and mirror the mobile screen on the other side of the scene and these two functions will work simultaneously.
  • Along with the multi-viewing experience, this smart TV is going to give you multi-voice control as well. With the help of this feature, you will be able to access quickly to your favorite content, get answers, and control your TV as well at the same time. You just have to tell the TV whatever you want.


Let us talk about the specifications of this Samsung 85” Q950T 8K Smart QLED TV.

About and Display:

This is series 9 of the Samsung smart TV series. This is a QLED TV of 85” which is very huge. As by the name only you might have got the idea about the resolution of this TV, this has got 8K UHD, 7680 x 4320 pixels as resolution. This also comes with the Full-Array LED backlight and includes the local dimming. The refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. The aspect ratio is 16:9. The clear motion rate of this TV is 240 Hz. The weight of this Smart TV is 53.8 kg without the stand.

Audio & Video:

When we talk about the audio, this has got the 4.2 sound types. This supports the AC3, MP3, and WMA as the audio format. The total speaker output is 70W.

For the video, this has got the DVB for the digital TV reception format. This supports the MP4 and MPEG as the video format and JPEG and PNG for the image format. Upscaling is available on this Smart TV.

Connectivity and Features:

This TV has got 3 no USB ports that support Audio, video, and images. This also has got 4 no’s of HDMI ports. This comes with single-band support. This TV also supports Screen mirroring, Bluetooth, Facebook, and other social media apps, games, camera as well. This also has got YouTube and prime video as inbuilt apps. In addition to this, it also has got voice recognition, screencasting, smartphone connect, smart share, USB HID Support, Wi-Fi direct, Samsung Tizen TV, DLNA, Easylink (HDMI_CEC).


The Online price in the USA of this Samsung 85” Q950T 8K Smart QLED TV starts from $ 7999.99

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NOTE: This TV is the future of smart TV. This has got so many amazing features that are going to give the user the topmost experience in every aspect. Not only in the audio but video and gaming as well.

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