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New Samsung TVs will have HDR10+ Adaptive technology in 2021

Updated: January 27, 2021 12:31
New Samsung TVs will have HDR10+ Adaptive technology in 2021

New technology has been introduced by Samsung in its smart TVs in 2021. Which is an HDR10+ Adaptive feature it brings Samsung TVs more exciting with a high dynamic range tv standard. It will optimize TV picture, and video quality based on a room’s ambient brightness that brings your user experience more exciting. This news has been announced by Samsung officials today. The HDR photo and video contents are designed to look best to the user in dark rooms with a few ambient lights. But, the new feature ensures Tv's light sensors react with the brightness in the surrounding environment and adjust its picture quality accordingly to the surrounding environment. Samsung says this new feature will launch globally with their “upcoming QLED TV series.”
The new HDR10+ feature is not the first HDR standard to introduce. In the last year, Dolby has announced the Dolby Vision IQ in a CES event, a new concept for their HDR standard that likely promises to optimize HDR content for the room where it is been watched. That latest feature will be in some selected TVs from LG and Panasonic over the year and was usually well rated in reviews.

On Samsung notes the new HDR10+ Adaptive feature will work with Filmmaker Mode, with a display setting that has launched last year. Which turns off the post-processing effects similar motion smoothing to show content as accurately as in reality.
When we compare it to Dolby Vision, the HDR10+ standard is not supported by many TV manufacturers and streaming services platforms. Then also it has the support of Samsung, they are the world’s biggest TV manufacturer, and Amazon through its Amazon Prime Video streaming service. We remember that these two companies have already announced this standard three years ago. The Dolby Vision is supported in the TVs of manufacturers like LG and Sony, and content supporting this standard can be found on streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Videos.
Now Samsung announces that their upcoming QLED TVs will support HDR10+ Adaptive, but techowish is not sure their old and existing TVs will be updated with this new feature or not.

Real 4k HDR Dolby Vision Video

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