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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm with a Rotating Bezel Feature, Dust and Water-resistant

Updated: December 14, 2020 15:26

This generation is for the people who are smart and who used gadgets and technology that can make them smarter. It is not wrong to say that without properly upgraded gadgets you cannot rule in this digital world. It has become a part of our life. And during this pandemic, we have learned a lot of things, and one of the main things is that to stay connected with the world and gets all the necessary updates, we have to rely on technology. And the technology must be updated. We need technology in every step of our life. From performing our work or taking track of our day to day health. Technology is the backbone of toy generation.

That is why, the gadgets are upgrading with the current scenario, and people are also getting aware of the fact that we need some gadgets for our safety and not only to show off. Luxury has become a necessity.

Today we are going to talk about one such gadget that is very important in our day-to-day life, which will not only help us in getting connected with our social surroundings and work-life but will also help us in getting our health tracked. These are the things that we now want and need in our life.

To solve this, Samsung has brought to us this amazing smartwatch. This smartwatch is not only stylish and cool but also will help us in our day to day life, from connecting to our social media to tracking our health. Yes! You got it. This time they have come out with some of the amazing features added in the smartwatch that is going to help you in various ways that too always wanted to.

Let us discuss this Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm:


This smartwatch is made by Samsung named Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm. Unlike other Samsung smartwatches, this too has some amazing featir3s, but this time they have come up with something extra and very helpful for the users. And this gadget can be easily being paired with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. As they come with a similar color range and of course as they use the same software, this smartwatch is going to be the best in pairing with the smartwatch.

Health Monitor:

As we all know that nowadays taking care of our health is important and for that, we have to keep an eye on our health regularly. Not only is that, checking your BP and heart rate also an everyday thing now. But we do not have that many accessories or equipment to do so. Even when we do some exercise, it is very important to track the details. All these can be maintained in just one single gadget. And that is this smartwatch by Samsung. This is the most advanced health monitor on a smartwatch that you will get. In this smartwatch, you will get the smartphone level productivity and also the leading health technology all at once. This is the most advanced galaxy watch that has been made until now. And this is the best option for you. This smartwatch will easily take care of your health and track all your health-related data just for you. You can calculate your heart rate, pulse rate, the number of calories that you have burnt, and many more.

  • Oxygen Level: This Galaxy watch 3 (45mm) uses the red LED and the infrared rays to estimate your SpO2 levels, or in simple words, you can say that this will calculate the amount of oxygen in your blood, which has become a necessity in this pandemic period.

  • Emergency: You will not fall on your job. This smartwatch will take care of you at this as well. This will automatically detect hard falls and will send an SOS to your emergency contact about your location as well. And that a lifesaver feature that has been added to this smartwatch.

  • Sleep Monitor: Even for a better night's sleep, this smartwatch is going to be with you to calculate everything and will let you know about it. This smartwatch will record your REM cycles, deep sleep, and also the total time that you sleep. So that you can improve your sleep, according to your need. This will also let you understand your sleeping pattern, which is very important.

  • Workout Buddy: You can keep an eye on your workout as well. Whether you work out at your home or the gym. This is going to be there with you tracking your every detail.


This smartwatch is way too smarter for any smartphone. This has got a rotating bezel for app navigation. This smartwatch comes in two sizes. One is 45mm and the other is 41mm. They come in colors like mystic silver, and mystic bronze. You will get a bigger display but yet the smartwatch that you will carry is very light and slim. So this is going to look so classy on everyone. By slimming down the frame they have made it more stylish and smart. Along with that, you will get a premium quality leather strap which is going to look superb. This is going to create a natural and classy look for the user. Even the straps are made with the best lather and they will not get discolored. And the smartest thing is that you can change the way it looks. Yes! That right. There is a complete range of the signature look and a lot of options that you can choose from.


If these things are not enough to make you have this smartwatch, then definitely these features will do that.

  • Auto Chat History: This is the next-generation smartwatch. It will show you the chat history that you have made so that you can easily keep track of your important conversations. To get it deeper, you can even watch images in just one tap.

  • Reply: Not only you can get connected with your friends and important persons in your life, but you can also even give a reply using this smartwatch. Not only this, but the Samsung Galaxy also has the feature that it will suggest a reply for you so that you don’t have to think much.

  • Bitmoji: This is something new and interesting feature for any smartwatch. But this is now on your smartwatch as well. You can personalize it just the way you want and start sharing it just like you do with your smartwatch.

  • Music: When it comes to music, everybody wants the best features. When you use this smartwatch, you can use Spotify of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and directly pay via your smartwatch.

  • Using other Apps: You will be able to view your pictures of your smartwatch via this smartwatch, control music, handle your social media, handle your phone calls, and handle your texts, and many more. You can just do everything you can think of using this Samsung galaxy watch 3. And this is going to be the best combo with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.

  • Without your smartphone: You can use this smartwatch, even if you leave your smartphone at home. You can have access to your smartphone via this smartwatch and you will never miss your important calls or messages when you have this amazing smartwatch on your wrist. You can stay connected with your smartphone even if your smartphone is not with you.


When we talk about the other feature, there is a lot in the other section as well.

  • Dust and Water-resistant: This smartwatch is water and dust resistant. That means you can go anywhere wearing this smartwatch without worrying.

  • Military-Grade Durability: This smartwatch is very much durable. You can go to any weather, any temperature, you will not get any problem with this smartwatch. This is designed especially for your active lifestyle.

  • GPS: Without taking out your smartphone, you can check your location just by using your smartwatch. This is a great travel partner for your journeys.

Price In India:

The price in India of this Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 4.5cm 45mm starts from INR: 30,990/-

NOTE: This is a great smartwatch to have. This will not only look stunning, and smart but also will be helpful in every aspect of your life. Whether it's health or your connections. This is going to be you’re on the go buddy.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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