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Xiaomi MI Smart BlueTooth Wireless Speakers With Google Assistant Under 4K

Updated: November 30, 2020 13:00

This time is the time for the technology to boom and upgrade. The competition between the brands is also increasing because the market is full of various brands and they all want to attract customers. Even though they try to convince the customers, the customers are also becoming more and more aware of the ongoing market that too with the help of technology. That is why this generation is getting smarter day by day.

Today we are going to talk about a device that is also upgraded with time and now it’s also part of the smart device category. This is the smart speaker we are going to talk about. Previously speakers are used to amplifying the audio of a music player, but nowadays it does more than that. Even the design and the technique also have developed a lot that this also has become a smart device.

The device that we are going to talk about today is the Xiaomi MI smart BlueTooth wireless speakers with "google assistant" under 4K. As the name itself says smart, it is indeed smart.


This is the Xiaomi MI smart speaker. They have made an impressive gadget on a pocket-friendly budget. This is the time for music in every corner of your home. MI has made sure that you get the benefits of a smart home on a smart budget. This comes with the powerful 12W, 63.5 mm massive driver which is going to change your life. This amazing gadget has got the tax instruments TAS5805M sound processor that this used to deliver high power in low distortion audio and advanced multi-bans dynamic response control algorithms to deliver a Hi-Fi sound output. This will allow the user to experience the massive sound quality being just at your home.

Not only that, this is crafter so amazingly that the speaker oozes very rich sound redefining the sound stage that too with the crisp vocal and dynamic bass that the users are going to love it.

There is the hands-free mode, which means that you can just say “Ok Google” and Google Assistant will do the entire task for you. Like playing your favorite music, controlling volume, find information and whatnot.

All this you can do from any part of your home. That’s the owner of smart technology. The touch-sensitive buttons are also there but these come in handy only if you are near the device. This allows maintains your privacy and also security so that you don’t have to worry about security at all.

In addition to that, this device can understand English as well as Hindi, so this way, this gadget becomes so useful and compatible with your entire family. Structure wide this is very lightweight and stylish. This is made with the warm matte-stone black finish with a 0.7mm metal casting. This comes with the combination of 16 million lights combines to create a mesmerizing aurora inspired light ring.

When it comes to connectivity, this can be connected both with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well and you are good to go to experience the cinematic audio experience.


  • This comes with the touch panel. And in addition to that, this has 2 misc. that too with far-field vice wake up support.
  • This also has got the 2.5” full frequency 12W speaker which is going to give you the ultimate experience. And also has the right strip light n the top which gives the music light effect and makes the environment more attractive.
  • For Wi-Fi, this device can use 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz speed.
  • This also has the support of Bluetooth, this uses the android 4.4 Bluetooth with A2DP Music player.
  • When it comes to the power supply, this uses the DC of 12V / 1.5A.

Price In India:

The starting price in India of this MI Smart speaker is INR: 3,499/-

You can buy this from Flipkart,, and Mi Home India websites.

NOTE: This is the smart gadget that is going to make your home smarter. With Google voice control you can control everything with your voice, this is safe and secure. The audio quality of this device is also commendable. You can also control the cameras of your house, the light, and whatnot. This is going to be the most wanted gadget in the coming future.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated

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