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Apple Watch SE with an expensive Retina display and health tracker

Apple Watch SE with an expensive Retina display and health tracker

As we all know that in September every year, Apple organizes an event where they launch their new products. This time also they have had the biggest launch event. This time they did not launch the iPhone 12 but they have launched very impressive gadgets. One of the launches is the Apple Watch SE. they have launched these gadgets keeping in mind the present pandemic and also the financial scenario. That is why all the updates that they have made are amazing and are also not hyped in the price range. As on this product, they have used the tag as, “Heavy on features. Light on price.” Not only that they have included the best updates that you can ask before buying.


  • This Apple Watch is launched on the 15th of September, at the Apple event. This was the biggest launching event of 2020. This time they have taken care of many aspects, including the display brightness as well. This smartwatch has an expensive Retina display that will help the users to have clearer look and it will not hamper in the sunlight as well. This time the sensors are also advanced that will help you track all the movements that you are going to make. In addition to that, they have added a more powerful feature that will help you keep track of your health. This watch has more features than you could have ever expected that too at such a reasonable price range.
  • Apple has recreated the design from the Apple 6, which means you are going to get a large display to look at. This Apple Watch has got the Powerful S5 dual-core SiP which will make all your works in a faster way. This is indeed a very good thing that Apple has given. Not only for the health but have they also take care of the safety. This has got the fall detection and the Emergency SOS feature for the safety of the user. This watch is not only healthy but safe as well.

  • This smartwatch comes with an activity ring that will help you see your movement how you move throughout your day. This has the special three matrices: the Move, Exercise, and stand. This also includes friendly competitions and personalized coaching and awards so that you keep yourself motivated.
  • This Apple watch SE is water-resistant that too up to 50 meters. So you can not only swim but dive into the water as much as you want and that too without the worry of your Apple watch. Interestingly you can also navigate where you are headed towards inside water with this amazing watch.
  • This Apple watch SE has got so many exercises to choose from and you can choose what best suits you. This includes running, walking, yoga, cycling and even this has some high-intensity workouts so that everyone can have their fitness routine according to their goals and ability.
  • When we talk about exercise, we have to talk about music. Here you can listen to the 70 million tracks that Apple music has and that too will be easily accessible with your wrist.
  • Now when we are talking about health, it is important to inform you that this watch can monitor your heart rate and will also let you know if there is any abnormal activity that is not good for your heart. This is by far the best feature because having your heart monitored by a watch can save lives. Because with the notification, you can contact your doctor on time. And if you are not able to do so, this also has an emergency calling option in case of serious health issues. All in all, this is your best friend and guide as well.
  • This Apple watch also has the feature to track your sleep. As we all know that in health, sleep is also important, so with this Apple watch you can track your sleeping pattern and according to the results, this can help you improve whatever improvement that you need.
  • When we talk about the pandemic and how it is related to the Apple launch event, in this watch Apple has included the reminder to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Not only can that with this watch one even tracks the menstrual cycle just at the wrist.
  • Not only is the health partner, but this also watches your work buddy. Whether you have to make an important call to the office or reply to important e-mails, all you can do right at your wrist. And most helpful is that you will get “Siri” right at your wrist.


  • This time Apple has used only 100% recycled aluminum in the making of these beautiful watches. You can choose from Silver, Gold, or Space Grey. Even with the straps, you will find the new look. The material of the strap is lightweight and ultra-comfortable. The look is amazing; it’s made of soft silicone which is braided like yarn. This gives the watch a classy look. You just have to slide the straps into your wrist and you are good to go.
  • This can also be used as a walkie-Talkie and using this feature you will be able to talk to other Apple watch users and this is such an amazing and interesting feature that this watch has.
  • For camera lovers, this watch can be used as the camera remote, so you just have to wait for the perfect moment and use the watch to capture the moment without touching the phone.

In addition to that this Apple watches SE has apps like the weather with 10 days forecast, the calendar, reminders so that you do not forget any of your important meetings or events, and also the App Store from where you can install the apps that you need on the go and use them right at your wrist.

Price in India:

The price of this Apple Watch SE will start from INR: 29,900/-

NOTE: Apple has brought this amazing watch in a budget-friendly price range. And the features that this watch has been unbelievable and this is stylish and smart at the same time. The year 2020 has made a lot of changes in everyone’s life, so Apple made some changes to make your life easy. This is commendable and the users are going to be super happy with this launch.

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