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Titan EyeX Smart Glasses with true wireless stereo open-ear speakers

Updated: January 10, 2022 14:04

A new gadget to compete in the future has been arrived named Titan EyeX. It's the first time that the company Titan has launched a gadget by projecting the future it has an open-ear speaker, touch controls, along fitness tracking systems that will track all your daily activities ahs maintain your diet routine. The glass is compatible with both the devices Android and iOS you can connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth v5 to gt all the tracking information in your respected phone. The EyeX comes with an inbuilt tracker and is certified with an IP54-rated for dust and water resistance so you don't have to verify in the maintenance excessive where the body produces a lot of sweet. Other devices may have a problem with the sweetness from your body but the Titan EyeX has the IP54-rating. The company claims that the EyeX Smart Glass can be carried up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Titan EyeX Smart Glasses price in India and colour options

The company has launched Titan EyeX Smart Glasses on January 5, 2022, they have set the price at Rs. 9,999 in India. The Rs. 9,999 is only of the frames cost it can go further up to Rs. 11,198 with prescription glasses. The price will vary from person to person as the eye rating. The official website shows that the EyeX smart glasses will be shipped from 10th January 2022. The smart glasses will be available only in one colour option Black frame. The expected customer can purchase it from the companies official website and via Titan Eye Plus retail stores.

Titan EyeX Smart Glasses specification and features

The company Titan has been shocked everyone with their new Titan EyeX Smart Glasses that works with Bluetooth v5 to connect the glass with your smartphone. It can be conned with both the devices like Android and IOS. The glass is powered by an anonymous Qualcomm processor. They may be confirmed by the company Qualcomm later. It features true wireless stereo (TWS) open-ear speakers to provide the best music experience while exercising. The designer has designed Titan EyeX to be easy to use while outdoor exercise because the user can hear music as well as with the awareness of its surrounding.
EyeX Smart Glass comes with voice-based navigation and voice-based notifications on its open-ear speakers to give the proper access to the user without touching the glass because in intense exercise touching the glass may be very unhygienic. It supports the companies new technology Clear Voice Capture (CVC) which helps to achieve clear voice quality with dynamic volume control, and it can automatically adjust the volume levels based on the ambient noise. The glass features a new technology that makes the EyeX glass more futuristic.

As a smart glass, it can track calories, walking steps, and distance by an inbuilt pedometer. The glass is capable to perform almost all the tasks of a smartwatch. The glass will warn the user when their screen time increases that helps the user to stay healthy. You can also operate the glass by touching, the controls that the be performed play, skip, pause, and stop.

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