By Abhishek Sahani | Updated: August 21, 2021 12:04 IST


Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Price in India And Features

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Price in India And Features

The popular company in the headphones manufacturing company boat introduce its new headphone with some of the coolest features.
The boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc wireless Bluetooth headphones with newly active noise canceling for the best to listen to music or for playing games. Because may of the headphone companies are also targeting the gaming auditions.
In today's world gaming live stream is also becoming popular. My players use this type of headphone for live streaming on Youtube, Twitch, And Facebook Gaming.
So, this headphone is perfect for doing all the activities in all varieties.

The new boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc headphones are going to be available in the global market with the latest smart mute technology. This feature automatically mutes the call when the person is not speaking.
The new boAt Nirvaana Anc 1007 wireless Bluetooth headphones will mute the mic. At this time many people who are doing their job from Home due to the current Covid-19 situation will find this device very beneficial in the job.
This new technology headphones will unmute themselves as soon as the user starts to speak.

Some OF The Interesting Features In boAt Nirvanaa ANC 1007 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone:

This new SmartWav technology helps the user to adjust the function by giving hand waves near the headphones. The signal produced is easily recognized by the new boAt Nirvanaa Anc 1007 and performs according to its given algorithm.
It comes with a new feature that cancels all the unwanted noises in your surroundings. This new feature is known as active noise cancellation mode (ANC mode).
This new feature will take the user experience into a different virtual world with no connection to reality.

BoAt Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Price in India, And Online Availability:

BoAt Nirvana ANC 1007 wireless Bluetooth headphones will consider in the expensive headphones category.
The price of this boat wireless Bluetooth headphones has been reviled on the Amazon India shopping website with the Launch date of 16th October 2020.
The price in India of BoAt Nirvana ANC 1007 wireless Bluetooth headphones is Rs 9,015.00 on Amazon India.

BoAt Nirvanaa ANC 1007 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Full Feature List:

  • ANC (Active noise canceling mode)
  • Smart Mute Tech.
  • 40mm driver size
  • Playback time of 30 hours
  • Swipe and Tap Control attribute
  • SmartWav Tech.
  • Bluetooth kind 5.0
  • Charging by Type C method
  • Ergonomic earcups design
  • Transport casing

Some Updated features in BoAt Nirvanaa ANC 1007 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone:

You can experience the impressive sound of the boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc with a 40mm driver dimension now. The sound planners worked hard and upgraded the audio system in this new headphone.
The user can now experience live shows virtually with the comfort of this advanced technical item. The boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc generates a virtual rock show with perfect and striking sound waves that teleport the user in the virtual world.