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Razer Enki Pro premium gaming chair with magnetic headrest pillow

Updated: June 10, 2022 11:35

Razer has now launched a new gaming setup equipment a premium gaming chair named Razer Enki Pro. It's the company's most premium chair with the "ULTIMATE ALL-DAY COMFORT" tag line. It is very much clear that the company wants to locate as a most comfortable gaming chair. Because most the gamers use to play games and stream live while gaming approx an entire day. So every single gamer around the globe wants comfortable gaming gadgets that give them zero hassle this gaming chair is one of them. If you have $1261 you can add this Razer Enki Pro gaming chair to your gaming setup.
The company has already revealed this chair at CES 2022 held in January, but the shipment is going live now.

Razer Enki Pro gaming chair price in India, and the USA

The company has set the price of Razer Enki Pro at £999 in Europe which comes to around $1261.65 in the USA. If you are in India you will cost about Rs 98,020 in Indian rupee.
The chair is available in Black and Green colour options.
The company Razer will only be sold this premium chair via their official website.

Razer Enki Pro gaming chair specification and features

If you are looking for a premium gaming chair that gives you the best comfort for the entire day because you do your live gaming streams at least 8-10hrs a day, then this will be the best gaming chair for you. The all-new Razer Enki Pro is a top-end product above Razer Iskur and vanilla Enki edition. This chair brings you one step further from their past gaming chairs one with material, design, and futuristic look. We have to say that the designer has done a great job with lots of RND for giving the best shape to get proper comfort to our body. This chair has everything your body needs to be physically relaxed without any pain.
It comes with a unique dual-textured finish that fulfills the right comfort for your body. Its made up of a soft-touch Alcantara material at the backrest and the base of the chair is made up of premium feel smooth material cloth with cushioning.

The designer has given extended shoulder arches of 110 degree that fits you shoder in the chair with proper posture. And the bottom where you site it has an ultra-wide 21 inches base for sitting comfortably. The company has done a proper RND to provide the best dimensions of sitting comfort.

The lumbar curve gently keeps your lower back in a neutral position and enables the right posture of your back to feel less exhausted while sitting for a long duration. The chair can recline at 152 degrees with manual locking controls.

The company has provided a Magnetic Memory foam headrest pillow that offers a curved shape with soft foam for nack comfort.
The Razer Enki Pro gaming chair has a 136Kg of weight and 166.5 cm - 204 cm in height.
They provided a 3 years warranty for mechanisms and moving parts but the warranty is not included wear and tear.

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