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DJI Mic wireless dual-channel voice recorder with a Built-in touchscreen

Updated: April 07, 2022 20:06

DJI has launched a new DJI Mic wireless dual-channel voice recording gadget in the USA. The company has targeted the content creators like vloggers, news reporters, YouTubers, and other video creators. This new gadget from DJI will change the way you record your or others' voice by providing some of the top-notch features with the latest DJI Mic that comes with a tag line "Elevate Your Audio". The company claims that it can deliver outstanding sound quality with dual-channel recording under a distance of up to 250 meters. The recording distance is quite impressive because it will not decrease the audio quality by increasing the distance. DJI has also done an excellent job on the design of this DJI Mic wireless dual-channel voice recorder with a portable and compact design structure. It seems like an Airpod design that is very handy to carry anywhere.

DJI Mic wireless dual-channel voice recorder price in the USA, and India

The company has priced its DJI wireless mic at $329 in the USA, whereas it comes at around Rs 24,937.00 in India.
As of now, the company has only launched this mic in the USA, yet we haven't got a single piece of information about the launch in other markets including India. The Indian consumers have to wait some more days to get their hands on it.

DJI Mic wireless dual-channel voice recorder specification and features

The latest DJI mic can record at a distance of 250 m without losing sound quality. It features a dual-channel recorder that allows recording two persons at the same time. The dual-channel will helps if you take any interview where you need to record both person's voices at the same time. Both mics support omnidirectional audio, which makes it ideal for multi-person interviews and very much beneficial for small studio operations where you can't afford the expensive equipment. It provides a high-quality audio recording mic as professionals have with a longer frequency range. It also featured a Built-in touchscreen display from which you can easily access various options like channel selection, input or output settings, and perform other essential tasks to optimize or improve your recording.
This latest 2022 DJI Mic uses a 2.4GHz frequency band to connect wirelessly with your device. The mic is compatible with all the devices like your smartphones, cameras, and laptops. You can connect this DJI mic via a USB-C, Lightning port, and 3.5mm TRS ports, or it also connects wirelessly.
Both the mics carry a 320 mAh battery pack separately and the charger case has a 2600 mAh of battery pack inside that can charge the mic when it is placed inside the case. The company claims it comes with 15 Hours of Battery Life. The battery can be fully-charged in 2 hours and 40 mins. The DJI mic receiver comes with a 30g of weight and 47.32×30.43×20.01mm in dimension, whereas the charging case has a weight of 162.2g and 103.06×61.87×41.50 mm in dimensions.

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