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Xiaomi is coming with a new 100W Mi Wireless charging stand technology

Updated: August 16, 2021 16:58

Xiaomi is coming with a new 100W Mi Wireless charging stand previously we have seen the 80W Mi wireless charger. The Wireless stand may be able to charge Mi 11 Pro and Ultra instant. The Company is very much confident in this technology of wireless charging, the charging stand can replace the traditional mobile holders that we have to buy in extra. The stand is quite weightage with a huge body line from behind. But if you have to place the charger in one place then it is okay to have this type of wireless charging stand. From the weight, it will give the perfect holding power to mobile with the perfect angle.
This time the company has shown only one colour but we expect more colours like white.

All about the new 100W Mi Wireless Charging Stand.

The new Mi wireless charging stand is situated on the latest Qi charging technology with a dual-coil design. It comes with a powerful fan that replaces the hot air with the cold air that helps the charger to maintain the respected temperature. It features an additional current calibration protection layer that protects in high current flow, over-voltage, temperature, electrostatic protection, and foreign object detection.

This wireless charging stand lets you free to charge your smartphone in any position in maybe portrait or in landscape position.
According to the company officials, the charger will only support the Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, or the new Mi Mix 4 at its high 100W capacity. Further, the company may improve the charging stand to compatibility with the other smartphone model with the max 100W charging power.

The company has shown that their latest Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 takes only 28 minutes to get fully charged from 0 to 100% with the new Mi charging stand.
Coming to its price - It is priced at $92 in the USA which is approx Rs 6,822 in India. You can buy it from the Mi official website. We have to still wait for more information related to the availability of this new MI 100W Wireless Charging Stand.

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