May 25, 2020 Bonita Soren


Realme Low Budget Smartwatch Launch Date In India, Price And All Specs

Realme Low Budget Smartwatch Launch Date In India, Price And All Specs

In our day-to-day life, we are becoming smarter and with that, we always prefer gadgets that can make us smarter in many ways. A smartphone is without any question, one of them. It is not only something that shows us the time but also helps in saving a lot of our time. While going out, it is one of the best travel buddies. It makes you receive your calls easier, check notifications of your social media and, for checking texts and send texts as well. If you are a fitness freak, the smartwatch plays an important role. To track your calorie count to how many steps you have taken to check your heartbeat also. A smartwatch does it all for you. That too just by residing at your wrist, it does the entire smart task just for you. You can also take this as an entertainment medium. That's right; you can store music at play whenever you want. That will make your day even more interesting. And you don't have to take out your smartphone again and again. We look for upgraded gadgets and as we all are aware of the fact the smarter and upgraded the gadget is, the costlier it becomes. So, for many of us, it becomes hard to have those gadgets. Though it may be beneficial for us our pocket restricts us from getting it. But Realme has come with a solution to this problem. Realme always thinks about its users. The phone ranges that Realme had launch today on 25th May 2020 were amazing. Now, Realme has launched its new low-Budget smartwatch in the Indian market. That too with a budget-friendly price of Rs:3999 only. Once you hear about this, this might seems impossible to get a good quality smartwatch at such a budget-friendly price. But Realme is always known for providing smarter, better, and upgraded smartphones, and power banks. Now, they have this Smartwatch for you.

Let us have a look at the details of the Realme Smartwatch:

This Realme smartwatch worth Rs-3999 is an eye-catchy gadget. The cost of this smartwatch is itself can attract customers. But, not only the cost but the features are so good that you will not be able to resist yourself from having this for yourself.

All Specs:

Screen: Realme believes that it's time to be smarter. This smartwatch comes with a 3.5cm (1.4”) comparatively large touchscreen. This comes with a high resolution of 320x 320 pixels.

Heart-Rate monitor: This also has a Real-time heart rate monitor. This will be your 24x7 health assistant. You will be able to track your health on the go. This feature on a smartwatch that too at such a cheap price is great.

Notifications: You will be able to get smart notifications right at your wrist. You don’t have to put out your smartphone everywhere to check on your notifications. This is very convenient for you when you are busy at a meeting of a social media lover. The Personalized

Watch Face: This smartwatch has personalized Watch Faces because it should be always your style, your way. You will be able to choose from among the 12 built-in exquisite watch faces and can change the look for every occasion.

The Blood-Oxygen Level monitor: In terms of being your health assistant, the Blood-Oxygen Level monitor will help to keep track of your health.

The 14 Sports Modes: Talking about health, for the health-conscious it comes with 14 Sports Modes as well. You can also control your camera and music of your smartphone with this device. This watch can also detect whether you are just walking or running. The

Entertainer: This will also be the Entertainment on your wrist. Yes! That’s right. Users will be able to control music and the phone camera just from this smartwatch. It helps you to skip to the next song, or to control the volume of your phone. All can be done with this smartwatch on your wrist.

Camera controller: Taking pictures and capturing memories have become a necessity in today’s world. So, we cannot forget to mention the camera control feature of this smartwatch. Even to take pictures with just a click, this smartwatch is going to help you a lot because you will be able to click your pictures even from a distance which is going to make your capturing memories more interesting as smart.

Water Resistant: Water resistance and its durability are what make it even smarter. This Realme watch is IP68 water-resistant. So no need to worry while washing hands. as we all are aware of the fact that washing our hands in after every few minutes is very important and this habit should be continued for our safety only in this COVID-19.

The Battery: According to the makers, it will give you a battery that will let you use this watch for 6-7 days at one commendable go.


  • Sleep monitor
  • Find your phone
  • Goal reminder
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Alert of low battery reminder
  • Meditation
  • Weather forecast
  • Drinking reminder
  • Power saving mode
  • Do not disturb mode and many more.

Realme Link App: While using this smartwatch you just have to sync this Realme Link App and you will be able to view your complete health data on your phone.

Launch, cost, and details: This amazing smartwatch with lots of smart features just priced at Rs: 3999. And this watch is going to grab the market from 5th, June 2020 from 12 PM onwards. To buy this amazing yet budget-friendly Realme Smartwatch from the Realme website.

NOTE: Smartwatch has become one of the most important gadgets in our day to day life. The cost of the smartwatch was not allowing many users to have the benefit of a smartwatch. But, now Realme has come up with this amazing budget-friendly smartwatch that too t RS: 3999 only. This smart maybe pocket-friendly but the features are brilliant. It’s not less than any luxurious smartwatch that the market has right now. And of course, with the launch of a super effective and budget-friendly launch by Realme, the smartwatch market is going to face a huge change. And for the users as wee, it is going to be a Budget-friendly and smart gift from Realme.