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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro (40mm + 44mm) with Super AMOLED display

Updated: August 28, 2022 11:30

Today we are going to talk about the ultimate Android smartwatch which is the galaxy watch 5 and galaxy watch 5 Pro. Both her are on the market now for use and if you are into your health very much and you are capable of handling your stuff then these are the best options for you. Both smartwatches are waterproof and they have changeable so you can change the straps accordingly to your mood and your need.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 5 is 40 mm which is better for a female and the five Pro is 45 mm little bit of difference can be seen in the sizes of both the smartwatches and the five broke looks good on the mail which I can say because it is a bit in the heavier side.

Talking about the built the Samsung galaxy watch 5 is made of aluminum and the watch 5 Pro is made with titanium. If we talk about the battery life the galaxy 5 will give you a 410 MAH battery would wireless and wire charging and the Samsung galaxy watch 5 Pro is going to give you better battery life because it has a 500 mAh battery highest till now in the market of Samsung watches which will give you up to 80 hours of work.

Both the watches have a Super AMOLED display and both Samsung Galaxy Watch have a touch screen so that you can reschedule your schedule or customize your phone accordingly with your touch this has a very smooth touch screen you can customize both the smartwatches according to your need and once if you are very much conscious about your health than this to watches are very good for you it goes deeply into your sleep also because it will give you full details of your sleep how many hours you have slap deeply and how many hours you have not slept very deeply every detail of your sleep and quality your running your heart rate new pulse rate everything will give you to accurately.

It will be able to give you the reasons accurately because the sensor that it has used is better than the others and it can read your pulse and your nerves according to the sensors are the best that they have used.

While talking the starting price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm is $114.99 in the USA, which comes to around Rs 9195.92 approximately in India, it is available in both 4G and Bluetooth options and for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro you have to pay $ 209.99 in the USA that comes to Rs 16793.22 in India.

The company also launched its Watch5 44mm variant which starts from $144.99 in the USA ( approximately Rs 11595.07 in India), and the Watch5 Pro 44mm variant comes to $209.99 in the USA (approximately Rs 16793.22 in India). The Pro variant also offers two more premium editions called Golf Edition for normal and Pro 44mm models only.

So if you are a fitness freak can be smart enough and look for a smart wristwatch for yourself and you use Samsung and you believe in the brand and these two are the best options for you and if you are a female I would suggest you take the five prove which will go smoothly with you and if you are someone who likes bulky watches then Samsung galaxy watch 5 Pro is the best for you.

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