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Samsung Smart Monitor M5 and M7 4K with a 43-inch, HDR10 support

Updated: January 03, 2022 17:38

Samsung has launched the Smart Monitor with two new sizes. The first one comes with a 43-inch 4K Smart Monitor named Samsung Smart Monitor M7, and the second is of 24-inch 1080p named Samsung Smart Monitor M5. The company has launched these series in November last year with Samsung Smart Monitor M5 with a 27-inch display and the large screen Samsung Smart Monitor M7 32-inch display in India last month. The smart monitors have some unique features like a new energy-saving, solar cell-powered remote control, and these monitors are powered by Tizen.

The company has announced the prices of both the monitors 43-inch 4K Smart Monitor M7 and the 24-inch 1080p Smart Monitor M5 will start at $199 (approximately Rs. 14,400). The accurate pricing and sale of these monitors have yet to be reviled. Yet there is no proper information about the other international market's availability in the future.

The all-new Samsung's 24-inch Smart Monitor M5 features a full-HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) IPS display by 16:9 aspect ratio, it can emit at 250 nits of brightness, 178-degree viewing experience, 14ms response time, and also supports HDR10. It is also powered by a Tizen processor as the previous version and capable of a 60Hz refresh rate display.
The large 43-inch 4K Smart Monitor M7 features an Ultra-HD display including HDR10 support and inbuilt streaming apps.

The smart monitors own a TV Plus feature that provides free live shows without any downloads or sign-up required. These monitors are smart enough analysis the content that users will like to view by the viewing patterns, warranting fully personalized recommendations on popular apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The users may don't want a smart TV because these smart monitors come with a remote control that can provide you a smart tv experience with 43-inch and 24-inch of the screen. The M7 4K 43-inch includes a different energy-saving remote with solar-powered and it is made from recycled plastic. It can also be charged via a USB Type-C port, sunlight, and lightbulbs.
Both the smart monitors M7 and M5 also support the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants along with Samsung's Bixby. It carries a Remote Access feature that may be updated to ‘PC on Screen' in June 2021, which will enable simple and secure connectivity between the Smart Monitor and external PCs for a good user experience. Both the Samsung Smart Monitors support Samsung DeX, Microsoft 365 apps, in-build Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity. The user will like these monitors as their smart tv and the monitor, but we have to wait for the detailed review.

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