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Google Smart Debit Card with Bluetooth Payment Support

Updated: October 23, 2020 12:02

Google is planning to launch there new smart card which is in physical form and Google virtual debit cards soon after making a monopoly in the digital payments network through Google Pay in India. This google smart card is similar to the Paytm bank card. Google's smart debit card also competes with Apple's credit card. Google's debit card will provide many special features, including payment from Bluetooth.

The name of this card will be the Google Card as we expected. The card can be used from mobile to shop or to check bank balance. According to reports, Google is communicating with Citibank and Stanford Federal Credit Union for its smart debit card. Google card will be connected to Google's app.

Google Smart Debit Card:

After the new Google's smart debit card, users will be able to pay from mobile after joining to their bank account. With Google Card, we will be able to make physical payments through a card machine in the various shopping centers. At the same time, with the virtual card, you can also able to pay through the phone's Bluetooth. That's the way it also called a Bluetooth payment.

The Google card will connect to our Google app and we will be able to see all the transactions from that app. Apart from this, the balance will also be known from that app. Although Google is not a financial firm, from the last few years there is a lot of interest in Google in finance. Google is a great example of this. After the completion of Google Pay, they want to move fast in the financial sector. Google will get more of the benefits from this move.

We know that Google's digital payment app Google Pay is very popular in India. Millions of people in India are using the Google Pay app. The Google Pay app has crossed 100,000,000 time downloads so far in India. Google Pay also supports the Unified Payment Interface that is known as UPI.

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