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What is Alt Z Life? Samsung's new Privacy feature for Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Updated: February 11, 2021 11:47

In this world of smart gadgets and applications, our privacy and security of data are always triggered. And in today’s generation, having a good security system on your gadgets is as important as having the smartest and the latest updated gadgets. In the case of smartphones, we have seen that the system of using a telephone for connecting to your near and dear ones has changed. Now the concept and idea of a phone have completely changed. And now we call it a smartphone. Not only because of a name but because it is smarter and getting smarter day by day. At first, the phone used to be a thing used by the entire family, but now this is a personal thing. We all have different uses and we all have different numbers, different social media, and everything different. So, when it has become so personal, having some personal stuff or private stuff on your phone is obvious. But, sometimes there are certain things that we do not want others to see or we do not want others to get access to it, but that becomes hard in a lot of times. And the security issue becomes serious.

To resolve this security issue Samsung has come up with this smart and amazing feature called the Alt Z Life Samsung's new Privacy feature for Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. Where your private and personal data will be safe and remain private even when you let someone use your smartphone as well. This might sound confusing but Samsung has come up with something brilliant and important.

The Alt Z Life For Galaxy A51 And Galaxy A71:

This is a system that has been developed by Samsung and this is to secure all your private data in your smartphone, including images, videos, and apps a well. This will create a different world in your smartphone which will run in your smartphone but only you will be able you have access to those data that are there in the specific folder or system.

Let us elaborate The Alt Z Life;

Quick Switch:

You will have two different modes on your smartphone. The main mode where you will be able to use it normally as we all use, and there will be private. This is where all your private data will be. This is like a different world inside your smartphone and switching from the main mode to the private mode is also very simple. You can switch instantly by just double-clicking the side button of your smartphone.

Content Suggestion:

While sometimes transferring your data from your main mode to private mode, you might get confused if all the data, pictures, or videos are transferred or not, for helping you in this situation, they also have a splendid feature. There is a suggestion option. When you select what kind of data you want to transfer from your main mode to private mode, this feature will automatically select all your data related to that particular suggestion and help you select all those data and transfer it to the private mode.

Secure Folder:

This is the feature we were talking about. This Secure folder in your Samsung device will create the private and secure world inside your Samsung smartphone for you. This folder is perfectly placed so that all your photos, data, videos, apps that you want to keep private and secret from the world stays hidden. You can have access to this folder with a passcode or a biometric lock whichever is convenient for you.

Available with:

This amazing and brilliant feature is not available with every Samsung device. This security feature is available with only the new Samsung Galaxy A71 (8GB RAM) and the new Samsung Galaxy A51 (6GB RAM).

Price of the smartphones:

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A71 (8GB RAM) is INR: 30,999/-

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A51 (6GB RAM) is INR: 23,999/-

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NOTE: Nowadays security and safety are as important as other things in a smartphone, and with this Samsung has started a new generation for smartphone security. If you have similar problems regarding the privacy of your data, this is the best option for you.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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