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Photo Lab Picture Editor Trending App For Face Effects Art Frames On Social Media

Updated: July 05, 2021 11:11

When we talk about being social, the first thing that comes to our mind now is social media, without social media our life is empty. At first, only the younger generation was attracted to this social media but, now people of all ages use and are active on social media platforms. And for keeping yourself updated on social media clicking selfies and photos and uploading it on social media apps are necessary. But, now this trend has gone up one more level, and this is because of the number of likes, and comment goes up on the photos. People try different angles, different smartphones and the main thing that is getting popular day by day is the photo editing apps. There are a lot of photo editing apps on the Play Store and App store but, choose the correct one is difficult, and to go with the trend you must catch the flow. Nowadays, photo editing apps are also making their places on the trending list. Also, because of the Lockdown situation, people are getting more time for experimenting with new apps and new filters. And during this Lockdown period, one photo editing app is getting popular day by day. This app is getting popular not only among the youth but of all ages.

Today we are going to discuss this hugely trending photo editing app on social media. This app is called the Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frame. So by the name, only people may have got the idea of how this app works. Many people have just seen the edited images by this app but, many people are still unaware of the entire app, and even some social media addicts have seen asking their friends to edit their pics on this app. But, now you don’t have to ask anyone to use this app, and we are going to let you know every detail of this photo editing app has some pros and cons as well.


When we first download the app, you get the option to register. You can register via your Google account or your Facebook account. After logging, you will see that this app is not only a photo editing app but also an app where you can share your edited images, and people like and share as well. This is more like the combination of a great and versatile photo editing app and other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. But, here's the main thing that you can post is your edited pictures, and you can also see the trending list, the recently uploaded list, and if you save some of the pictures that you like, you can look at them later in your favorite list. This is a combination of a photo editing app and a social media app. No doubt on such a feature has made this app grow a huge fan following in recent times.

About the App:

The photo editing app named Photo Lab Picture editor this app has a huge collection of filters in their app. Or it can also be said that this app has got one of the largest collections of stylish and attractive photo effects. And not to forget that this app has got more than 900 numbers of effects to date which, is very huge for any other photo editing app. Some of this includes face photomontage, photo frames, animated effects, and many photo filters. With the use of this app, you can make your image creation into reality and that too without using any professional photo editing app and no need to pay thousands of rupees at the professional editing tools. And after creating your dream image, you can easily share the image to your social media and also to the timeline of this photo editing app.

Main Features:

This photo editing app has got some interesting features.

Neural Art Style: This style is a smart and quick editing feature to edit your pictures and give your photo the look of an artwork. In this app, this feature has more than 50 pre-set styles from which you can select your favorite one.

Photo Frame: This Photo editing app has got amazing frames for editing your photos. To give your picture a perfect final touch, you can choose from the frames which are suitable according to your edited picture.

Realistic Photo Effects: If you want your picture a professional editing finish, this app has got your back. This app has a feature of airbrushing. You can just airbrush on your picture a car or some sand imprint on the beach or whatever your creativity can do, and you will get an amazing picture as a result.

Face Photo Montages: If you want some fun edits then also you can opt for this app. This app has the feature to swap face from the image and turn the person into a pirate, astronaut any mane more options. Even if the algorithm of the image is complicated than also this app can work smoothly and give a fantastic output.

Photo Filters: Having a nice photo and not having a good editing tool can be hard. But with the use of this photo editing app, you don’t need any professional help. You can easily edit your pictures. This app has features like Black & White, the neon glow effect, oil painting, and many more interesting filters.

Photo Collages: We can get some great pictures, and uploading all of them together may be a tough job, but this app has got some amazing collage's so that we can add your favorite images and upload them on your social media, get more likes, and shares.

Pros, And Cons:

Every app has some great things that make you install it just by the moment you get to know about them and some flaws as well. This photo editing app also has got some Pros and some Cons.

Pro: When we talk about the pro of any app, we all want it to be perfect, as they say. This app is also not an exception. With lots of filters and editing effects, this app can make you forget about downloading the need for any other photo editing app. And the most important thing is that you get a huge amount of filters without spending single money.

Cons: Unlike every app, this app also has some demerit, but this con is very negligible. The main drawback of this app is a frequent advertisement during the time of processing, and there is a premium option for which you have to pay. And this option keeps coming frequently. The payment is for removing the watermark and saving the image in much better quality. But, for the day-to-day social media using people, this premium feature is not at all necessary, and if you wait for just the ad to get over, you can use all the amazing features of the app and get more and more likes on your social platforms.

Some Details:

This app was released on December 29, 2010, which is almost 10 years now. This app got its last update on 26th June 2020. The current version of the app that is running right now is version 3.8.15. In the Google Play store, this app has got 4.4 ratings and more than 2 million reviews. And till today, more than 100 Million downloads were done by the Google Play Store.

NOTE: This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and use to enhance your picture quality. This app is getting on the most trending list, especially for selfies. People are using the edited selfies from this app on many of their social media platforms.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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