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PUBG Mobile Is Coming Back To India with some customization

Updated: February 11, 2021 11:50

We all are aware of the fact that the ban on PUBG has spread on the internet and everyone who is in love with this game is going crazy after the ban and in fact, the people who have nothing to do with this game also has shown interest in this topic and as this has created a choice in the market.

This all-time favorite game was banned by the government of India because of some serious security issues and this was for the safety of the citizens and that is why everyone supported the decision and all they were asking PUBG to clarify the defects and bring the game back as the government has clearly stated that they have taken this decision only because of the security issues.

Now, we all were waiting for a day when we will get the news that this game is finally going to launch in India with some customization. People were having patience and also hoping that this should come as this had become one of the biggest news of 2020.

Today we are here writing about this topic, we have some great news for all the Indian PUBG lovers. And you can say that this is going to be the Diwali gift for the people and splendid news for the PUBG lovers. And the news is that the all-time favorite game PUBG is finally coming back to India with a lot of new things and a lot of surprises for the gamers. They have also taken care of the security issues and have many new interesting things for the PUBG lovers in India.

Let us tell you how and why this became possible for a banned game to be reentering in India;

  • One of the main reasons for the ban was security. And we all are aware of the fact that the company through which this game was handled was mainly a company by China and the data was not safe in this game. This was a very crucial decision as privacy was at risk for the people of India and our government took the right decision at the right time and they had banned this game for valid reasons.
  • Now that PUBG has the list of the reasons why the Indian government has banned the game, they had the opportunity to redo the things and clear all the defects if they wanted this game to be in India. This process took a long time and also because the changes that they had to do were a lot. But finally, they were able to clear all the problems that were causing the ban.
  • This big news was announced on the 12th of November 2020 by PUBG itself. They have taken the medium of Instagram to officially announce that they are finally coming back to India.
  • PUBG is not coming to India as PUBG. This time PUBG will be launched in India as PUBG Mobile India, and this version of PUBG game is specially designed for India.
  • This time PUBG will use the Microsoft server and all the data will stay in India only. No data will be sourced outside India.
  • PUBG in India is mainly going to be launched mutually by the Korean company KRAFTON and PUBG itself.
  • To launch PUBG mobile India, both the companies have invested almost 100 million dollars which is a huge amount as India is still in the growing phase in terms of gaming and streaming. This is indeed a huge step by PUBG. The amount in Indian rupees will be around INR: 7,45,00,00,000/- and this is a huge amount.
  • They have also added some game restrictions in terms of the timings as it was hampering the health of the players because of the long hours of playing.
  • This time PUBG is not going to take any chance in terms of security as they have decided to regularly audit the security as well.
  • PUBG has hired 100 employees from India to work in PUBG Mobile India.
  • This time PUBG mobile India is a specially created game for India. The game will be the same but this will come up with a lot of Indian twist in it.
  • PUBG mobile India will collaborate with the Indian business and this is indeed great news.
  • PUBG mobile India will have a special tournament only for India. And this is great news for PUBG lovers.
  • Not only that, there are some changes done in the looks as well. Some new clothes are added. Hoping that this will bring some Indian touch to the dress.
  • PUBG mobile India also has created some new virtual training grounds.

NOTE: All in all we can say that this is great news for all. There is a lot of change in this game and the main and the most important change was the security issue. And along with that the game also will come with a lot of Indian touch in it and there is also news coming that they will have some Indian places. Well, we will get to know everything once PUBG Mobile India is launched.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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