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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation with Alexa Release Date, And Specs

Updated: June 14, 2022 16:00

We all are aware of the fact that now in the situation of the pandemic; we all are very much attached to gadgets. And the companies also are trying hard to come up with the ideal product that we can use. For this amazon has come up with its latest Amazon echo dot specs. This is their 4th generation echo that they are going to release. They have already announced the release and this is the time to wait for the wait.

But, before you decide whether you should buy this or not, let us give you some details about this product so that you will be able to decide whether you should buy this or not.


All-new gadget by Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation. This release is going to take place by Amazon as this is an Amazon product. This is going to be released on the 26th of October 2020. This new device has got a powerful bass and also has access to Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, and many more languages and you will be able to play songs in all these languages, which is great as it will be friendly in all aspects. The most interesting fact about this Amazon Echo is that with this you can make your home a smart home. You will be able to connect all your gadgets to this and control the entire house by just seating on your couch. With the help of this gadget, you will be able to control your lights, ACs, TVs, Geysers, and many more devices that you can connect. You just have to ask Alexa and this device will do all your work. And also you can ask Alexa for music, news, scores, weather, set alarms, listen to stories, and many more. This is going to be your best friend. This is going to be special not only for you but for your entire family. Now, even you can ask anything Alexa in Hindi also. And when it comes to giving access to everything, the question of privacy arises, but Alexa is designed in such a way that this will protect all your privacy. This comes with four microphones so that it can hear you from all across the room and do whatever you ask Alexa to perform.

Echo & Eco friendly:

This time Amazon also has taken care of this environment. They have used some designs and materials so that they do not harm the environment.

  • In this device, the amount of plastic that has been used, 50% the plastic Is recycled plastic, and when we talk about the fabric that they have used in this device is 100% recycled fabric and this is a great initiative toward the safety of the environment. Not only that, the amount of aluminum that has been used in the making of this device is 100% recycled, and this includes the device, the cable, and also the adapter as well. This is by far the best thing about this device and they have set such a great example for others as well. This can be said to be the beginning of the eco-positivity in the technology field, which is commendable.
  • In addition to that, Amazon is building new wind farms and solar farms so that they can produce energy or we can say the clean energy which will be created by nature and also will not harm nature. And they also made sure that the amount of energy this device is going to use, they are going to create that amount of energy with the help of these farms. This is again a great initiative and we all should appreciate this initiative.
  • When we talk about the packaging, 99% of the material that has been made in the making of the packaging is all recycled and also the recycled material is wood fiber-based material. They even made the packaging eco-friendly.
  • This also will be using low power when not used. This is made in such a way that when this device is idle or not in use, then automatically this device will go to low power mode, and this way, it will be able to save power.


  • The size of this Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation is 100 x 100 x 89 mm and weighs approximately 341.3 g.
  • This supports Dual-Band Wi-Fi networks.
  • This can also be connected via Bluetooth. This supports audio streaming from your mobile phone to this Echo device.
  • This has got a 1.6 inches built-in speaker so that you can get amazing sound quality and for the audio output, this has got a 3.5 mm jack.
  • When you buy this device, you are going to get the Amazon Echo Dot, a Power adapter of 15 W, and a quick start guide.
  • This device is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS as well.

Price in India:

The price in India of this Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) is INR: 2,499/- (Price Updated on 14th June 2022)

This is available at the Amazon website Amazon India and you can also buy this on EMI as well. No cost EMI option is also available on the website. You will get free delivery by Amazon. If you visit the website you can pre-order your device from the link given below;

NOTE: This is an amazing device and you can do whatever you want this will make your house and your life smarter than before. This device also will set reminders for your exercise, meetings, taking medicines, or even if you have to make a call you can just put a reminder and Alexa will remind you at that time. This is a family-friendly device that is going to make your life happier, healthier, and smarter. This device is also concentrating on saving the environment and is contributing to environmental safety. This is a great step toward a better and smarter future. If you were planning to buy something for the entire family this is going to be the best buy. This will work as the best friend and guide for the entire family. This will not only make your house smarter but also updated it.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated

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