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59 Chinese Apps Banned By Modi Government India, All Details

Updated: July 27, 2020 14:58

In today’s smart and fast-forwarded life, we look for the things that will make our life easier and up to date. This has caused many of the Chines Apps to enter India and not only they were growing but they were gaining a lot of popularity among the youngsters. But as today on the 29th of June 2020, the Modi Government of India has decided against banning all total of 59 apps that are originally Chinese. And this list is long. But not only long, but this list has some of the daily used apps by Indians which are banned. Now, as these apps are banned, people are confused and tensed as they have no idea regarding the alternative of these apps. As they have been using some of the apps for work purposes as well, like the CamScanner. And most importantly the app that was most popular in the last couple of months was the social media short video app Tiktok. Now, a lot of youngsters are shattered as they have no clue what to do next, or are there any other apps in India that they can use in place if these apps that are banned by the Government Of India.

But, before discussing the alternative apps that we can use in place of these apps, it should be made clear why the government has taken such a major step. So, according to the IT Ministry of India, they said that this move will “Safeguard the interests of crores of Indian mobile and Internet users”. In this regard, the ministry said that it was invoking its power under Section 69A of the IT (Information Technology) Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (Procedure safeguard for Blocking of Access of Information by the public) Rules, 2009.
And also added to this, “… in the view of the emergent nature of threats, (The government) has decided to block 59 apps and according to the facts that the government has got, these apps are somehow engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, the defense of India and the security of a state and public order “. This was also added by the government. And using these apps in both mobile and non-mobile internet-enabled devices will also not work.

After knowing this breaking news, the first thing that came to our mind is, “Is there any other app available in the Indian app world that the users can trust and start using?” Positively the answer is “Yes!” We do have alternatives for the apps that were mostly used by the people. And now they can download those apps in place of the banned apps and continue doing their work without any problem. This might indeed take time for people to adopt, but we are here to discuss the alternative apps for the banned apps in India.

But first, let us know what are the 59 apps that are banned by the Indian government, and then we will discuss the alternatives for the most commonly used apps in India without which people will have panic situations in their day to day life.

Full list of banned Chinese apps are:

As we can see but the list itself that this list has not only social networking apps nut also other apps like shopping apps, scanning apps, cleaning apps, browsers, etc. This list has got all the varieties that a user uses. And that is why panicking is normal. But there is no need to worry as we have got the list of alternate apps that you can use and which are still allowed in India. Let us start with the most trending app that has caused many youngsters heartbreak after they got the news of the ban by the government.

1. Tiktok:

This is the most popular app in terms of sharing small videos and also editing them. Most of the people got popular with their viral videos. But interestingly in this list, this is not the only video-sharing app that has been banned. There are similar apps like the Likee, Kwai, Helo and Bigo Live are such apps that are also banned and the people are very confused about it as the followers of these apps are huge and changing the platform to a new one and having the same fan following like the banned apps will surely going to take a lot of time and effort. But the main question is where they will use the time and effort. So, for this, the alternatives that they can use are ShareChat, Roposo, and the newly trending app Mitron. These are the same kind of platform for the users but this is going to take time to get followers and likes, but surely these alternatives are going to help you a lot.

2. Xender and ShareIT:

In the 2nd position, the most important app that we all use is the Xender and then the ShareIT app. To share our data, to another phone, the faster way but after banning these apps we need an alternative for this, and that alternative is DropBox. Many people have heard about it but rarely people have a basic idea about this app. This app is secure and can be trusted with all your precious data and information, there is also an option called the Google drive by Google. One can store the data and then later send or revive it from another device as well. And these apps are free as well.

3. Camscanner:

So, the 3rd position holder in our list is the Camscanner. Many of us use this app to scan our regular important documents, and during this lockdown and Pandemic, many of the working people are using this app only to scan their documents and use it, but after banning of this app, many people are going to suffer and many have already started panicking. But, we also have the alternative for this app. As we know that important apps are used in our day to day life and finding the alternatives are very important. It may be hard in the initial stage, but there are many apps in the app stores like the Plays store by Google from where we can find these apps. So, for scanning documents, we have the Adobe Scan, the Microsoft office lens. These apps are easy to use and are very safe for your device as well.

4. UC Browser and APUS Browser:

After the scanner, we have the demand for browsers. So, in the 4th position in our list, we have the brewers that are now banned. These browsers are the UC Browser and the APUS Browser. The most popular browser among the people in the UC Browser. But after the ban on these browsers, it is hard for people to find alternatives. Many people may find some alternatives, but many will not. These apps were created in such a way that the users could get access to every app like news, shopping, gaming, and many more so the users were habituated in using these apps, and most importantly these apps wee pre-downloaded in many of the Chinese brand smartphones. But, we also have an alternative for these apps, and there is no need to panic at all. These are the Google chrome, the Brave, these can be used and most importantly the new alternatives will be safe and secure to use and the users can use these apps without any worry.

5. UC News:

In the 5th position we have the UC News, many of the users who are habitual of going through the news are users of UC News. But after the ban, these people are now thinking to watch news on Television only. But there are other alternate options available in the app market and these alternatives are safer and secure for your phone as well. Some of the alternatives are in short and the DailyHunt. Even Google has an option for news updates. So there are a lot of options for news lovers.

6. Virus Scanners and Phone Cleaners:

Now in the 6th position in our list, we have the category of Virus scanners and with that the most important phone cleaners. As we have got some virus scanners and cache cleaners that are banned in India and most of the people were using these scanners to scan their phones. But according to the sources, these apps were doing more harm than good that is the reason why today the government has banned these apps from India. And like the other alternatives of other apps, this also has an alternative option, mainly we all have heard about the Avast Antivirus, and many of us have used it in our PC and Laptops as well. We can use this on our phones as well. And for cleaning up also there is Avast clean up app available in the Google Play store and you can download it and use it. And more importantly, these apps are safe to use.

7. Shein and ClubFactory:

After the day to day work-related apps, in the 7th position in our list, we have the online shopping apps list. These are the Shein app and the Club Factory app. Both are very popular in India and have lots of users and buyers because of the cheap prices and variety of categories. In the youth, these online shopping apps have created a different fan base, but with the other apps, these apps are also banned by the government of India. But, there is nothing to worry about, much, because we have got other great alternatives for this and these are the Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc. There are a bunch of online shopping apps that the users can try and these alternatives are great and most importantly safe to use.

8. Baidu Maps:

In the 8th position in our list, we have the app for maps. This is the Baidu Maps. Some of the users were using this app for navigation and things like that, but as we all are aware of the fact that the Google Maps are in every smartphone that uses Google. And this is also safe to use. So, finding the alternative for this app is not hard, and also shifting to the alternative will be smoother. There are Google Maps and also there is an Indian app name as MapMyIndia. So, people can go for both the options and these options are more helpful and easy and not to forget the main important factor, that it is safe to use.

9. Games:

In the 9th position we have the category of games, and when we talk about games, the age normally does not matter as long as the games are interesting. In the list of banning apps, some games have also been banned and there is no doubt that we don’t have to use more of our tie and afford in finding the perfect game according to our choice as there are a lot of gaming options in all the App stores and Play stores. Therefore, there need not worry about the games as the gamers have gt other fantastic options for gaming. And for people who are still confused about whether the PUBG is banned in India or not, for them let us tell you that the banning process is from the Chinese owning apps only and the good news for PUBG lovers is that the PUBG is not banned in India as this super popular game is not a Chinese gaming app. This PUBG gaming app is originally from Korea, so there is no need to worry about PUBG lovers

10. Beauty Apps:

In the 10th category on our list, we have the Beauty app. As in this list of banning apps, there are apps related to beauty. These apps were not only famous in girls but also in guys. But these apps are also banned. And to find a similar app is very hard, and as users already have the idea of using the banned apps now using a completely new alternative may take some time, but surely these alternatives will help you for sure. You can go for Candy Camera, B612, and Picsart for better results and of course for safer use.

11. Video editors:

In the 11th category on our list, we have the video editors that were very famous among the users. The craze for video editing is at the peak right now. And now as these apps will not be available in India, finding such an app can become stressful. But now, we have got the best and of course the safe alternatives for you. You can go for the Photo video maker for editing your videos.

12. Others:

There are in a total of 59 apps that have been banned in India by the Government of India, these other apps are not that much popular if we say and most of the apps in the list that are mentioned are hardly known by people. So there are genuine alternatives and also safe alternatives to every app that has been banned.

According to the news, the banning process of the above-mentioned apps may take time as there are a lot of apps that are banned and Google has and other App stores have to work on it. But this ban is not only for the new installation or downloads, but even the pre-downloaded apps will also stop working as these apps are completely banned in India. This is why we are trying to give a hint of the best alternatives to these banned apps so that the users will be able to shift to the alternatives easily and these alternatives are also safe to use, so there is no need to worry about the alternatives.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated.

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July 06, 2020 at 17:27

Great decision by the Indian govt. It should be have done early before.

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