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Amazon Echo Flex: Review, Speaker, plug And Introduction Video

Updated: September 26, 2020 15:06

It seems a clever move by the Amazon to the future of smart home gadgets Alexa is a wake-up word, which always ready to assist you to full fill all your needs like lighting a gallery at night, auto color control of your lights, or upgrading your door security. Amazon still not worry about the privacy of the customers, but it has come out with the new product that is called Echo Flex which brings us to make our usual home smarter with the word Alexa.

Price and Availability:

The Echo Flex is available for pre-order now only on Amazon, priced $24.99 / £24.99/Rs 1,793. That's one of the prices to get Alexa in your home, rivaled only for super-cheap Echo Input puck. The Echo Flex has the benefit of wall-socket powering direct, giving it added the flexibility of placement.

If you're thinking of buying an Echo Flex, don't forget to check the Amazon Black Friday sales, as you could get your perfect discount as its already cheap device.

What it is not:

The Amazon Echo Flex is a solid gadget, but it can not play music for you. The speakers are purely functional in it, and you can hear Alexa more clearly across the room, but music sounds are very low in volume coming from its 0.6-inch speaker which is very small in size, like a usual smartphone speaker.

So if you having a smart speaker, then Flex is not the option for your home. But if you already have some of Amazon's Echo devices, then Flex is the suitable option at the less price to expand Alexa's reach into your home. Whether it's a hall, entryway, lobby, or bathroom. If you are in some parts of your house where the Echo is out of your range, then the Amazon Echo-Flex is a perfect solution for you.

Amazon Echo Flex Review:

So what does the Flex bring to the as echo dot don't? Well first off all, the Flex doesn't take up direct space of echo dot. That means Alexa can suddenly live in more of its spaces, out of sight and out of mind until you need a question answered or a smart shade closed.

Besides the plug-in design, the Flex also features a USB port for a phone charger or the motion sensor and the night light each of which costs an additional $15 (Rs 1,076). I tested both of the accessories, and both work nicely, both of the features expanding the possibilities of how you can use the Amazon Echo Flex. The color-changing of lights and dimming night light works as expected in the product, but one feature is cleverly slipped which is a motion detector for home automation tricks directly into an Echo device. Touch to open the Alexa app to set up all automated routines features felt exciting to the users, like the earlier days which Amazon gives to his customer for smart home devices when people needed platforms like IFTTT to integrate their various gadgets.

The Flex's simple design direct opens the door for companies to meet common needs in the home much as the clock on the Echo Dot did early. It's a low-quality feature but with a high-potential approach to smart home devices, and this is the first time I feel that Amazon might make a compelling play not simply for voice assistant dominance, but also smart home automation with this product. This is particularly notable given how separate the voice assistants of today have felt from the Z-Wave and niche Zigbee dependent smart home devices of 10 years ago.


So $25 (Rs 1,793) might seem like a great deal for an Echo device and it is but Echo Dots is higher in price. So is the Echo Flex a good deal? Yes. Is it unheard of? No, not really.

What's more, Amazon still hasn't done much to address the concerns of privacy of the customers, who are rightly concerned by the rising tide of individual consumers so readily planting cameras and microphones in their homes. Such privacy, broadly applied, can freely speech over time and Amazon has taken some of the action to prevent such matters but more to go.

That said, the Flex isn't responsible for this to a tech giant with a spotty ethical record than a Facebook Portal or Nest Mini, let alone other Echo devices.

As for the Echo enthusiast, the Flex represents Amazon's latest product Echo Flex, in the smart home space. It's privacy-friendly, and on its own risk to plant more microphones in the home, I'm very much excited to see if Amazon keeps expanding the array of this type of device with these features that can turn the Echo Flex into any smart home gadget you want it to be.

Amazon Price:

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