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Among Us new map Airship Skin Bundle available on Mobile and PC

Updated: March 31, 2021 12:37

A new map in the popular game Among Us has been announced by the developers on Wednesday, March 31. The games have waited very long to play a new map in Among Us. The developers called it Airship update, in this new update gamers, can look forward to several free hats and many different changes in the new update. Today on March 31, the company InnerSloth published the final batch of free hats player's a rubber glove, a zipper, and a ponytail. The new hats gave players the to customize the character in the game option, but now with the new hats, it looks a little more attractive.

In the new hats rubber glove, zipper, ponytail, players can see a red glove, a zipper emoji, and a unicorn. In this new update, players can now purchase an Airship Skin Bundle, which combines 13 more hats and three skins. In which bundle will drop the same day, and it also includes several new animations on a kill that seem to only work with one of the included skins. You can only purchase via a PC and mobile.
The developers are thinking that this new update will excite the gamers more to play Among Us. But we have to wait for the reviews on the new Airship update by the gamers who play from last year. It will be interesting to see that this news update can attract new players to join the game. This new update also includes some other additional things like ladders, new tasks, an accounting system, the ability to choose a starting room, and much more.

The game Among Us is currently available on iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch. We are expecting to see it on Xbox soon.
So, are you excited about the free hats in the game?

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