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Finally, Deadpool Skin has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2: How To Unlock It?

Updated: November 03, 2020 11:50

Finally, Deadpool skin and the special Deadpool event have has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2.

This famous superhero character is popping up since Chapter 2, Season 2 has launched two months ago, we have seen his first appearance in the season's launch trailer.

Since in chapter 2 we are getting goofy challenges that have awarded us with various Deadpool-themed cosmetics.

Today is the day we all get the reward and finally, we get the skin. So, be prepared to see more exciting things of Deadpools in matches.

To unlock the Deadpool skin we have to purchase Chapter 2, Season 2 Battle Pass, and then completed every challenge for the past seven weeks.

How to get Deadpool skin in Fortnite?

To get Deadpool's challenges you need to go to the Fortnite HQ screen. This is in the "Battle Pass" tab. On this tab, you will see all the Agents standing around the main room. On the top right there’s an event, and when you select it you’ll go into Deadpool’s hideout.
Here’s where you can reach Deadpool’s weekly challenges. First, you have to simply read the note he wrote to Epic Games, which is lying right by the computer in his hideout. The rest of the challenges are slightly more challenging, and as you complete them Deadpool’s hideout will change. He ultimately shows up, sitting amidst his stacks of saved toilet paper.
Once you complete each of these, head out into a match, and find a Phone Both. Get inside it to become the super-est of superheroes—once you emerge, you’ll be Deadpool and own the skin.
TechOwish is expecting that they will give more challenges in the Next week. Two more challenges that should unlock a second, maskless skin style for Deadpool so these challenges aren’t over yet. Hopefully, these guides will help you to complete all the challenges without too much trouble.

Finally, Deadpool Skin has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2: How To Unlock It?

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