By Abhishek Sahani | Updated: December 02, 2020 12:34 IST


YouTuber received a broken Xbox Series X with a Hardware issue

YouTuber received a broken Xbox Series X with a Hardware issue

According to the reports which are coming from the YouTubers who have received an Xbox Series X for unboxing videos on their YouTube channel.
Some of the consoles have already broken down in the shipping package, showing a black screen in the display.
And on the other hand rest of the world is waiting for the new Xbox Series X to global release, many influencers have already received the console. For their unboxing video to grab more eye-balls, or to highlight the contents and features of the new Xbox Series X.

According to a YouTuber, the console has already broken down. He is not clear whose fault.

Is this is the fault of the shipping company of the console design?

In the last few days, many people have been ordered the console and many consumers received their Xbox Series X early its release.

For example; One of the centre of Walmart accidentally shipped out the Xbox Series X. Who has done the pre-order but, five days ahead of the actual launch date of the console. Now, we got some reports that now the owner is facing some issues in the hardware of the new Xbox Series X.

This is the report from a YouTuber named "PAPIGFUNK" who received a console unit to make an unboxing video on Youtube as part of a brand deal with Microsoft Xbox. However, the YouTuber has now reported that the console is already broken before he makes to turn on the console with a black screen.

But a violation has happened from the YouTuber named "PAPIGFUNK" that he has already early footage of the Xbox Series X's UI interface and menu screen. This is a clear violation of a non-disclosure agreement that Microsoft has already declared.

We think that Microsoft will be going to take some action against him.
We can imagine, that this is quite a scare movement for some users who are thinking to buy this console. A few days before we have reported that the new Xbox Series X has some overheating issues in the hardware, but this mistake was immediately cleared by Microsoft.
We think that Microsoft will be going to take some legal action against this YouTuber for showing or even reviewing content that was not suggested for the public to see until the console's launch in the global market.

This new Xbox Series X is set to launch on November 12th, 2020.