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Growth of the gaming industry in India

Updated: July 23, 2022 10:22

Today we are going to talk about the growth of the gaming industry. And that Indian growth we will talk about. Our gaming industry had come too far from when it started. And now we can expect that it is going to be a leading market in the world. It is expected that by the year 2025 the market will be 3.9 billion. Right now we are having433 million gamers which are almost half of the internet users in India right now. In 2019 India was in the Top 5 in the pace of users and now it is increasing day by day.

In the 1990’s it was almost nil and the Indian market is now going to be one of the world's largest gaming industries. We are yet more to go if we compare in the Asian market. China and South Korea are still ahead of us.

Ubisoft and Microsoft games have now opened their market in India right now. In that scenario, we have grown a lot. And yet still we have a lot to go. Even the local studios are growing rapidly.

Before it was available only in the gaming parlors. This scene was from 1990. We still remember classic games like Super Mario Bros and Contra. Then came the era of the console. This console has brought the gaming thing to the homes of the users. Now gamers have got the privilege to play games inside the comfort of their own houses. That is the period when the gaming market started to slow. The growth was slow but it was taking speed.

In the mid-90s, computers replaced the console. At home, gamers got a more comfortable device. Now they have got the chance to download games as well. This started the period of downloading games and users are liking them more and more. This has helped in the growth of the gaming market.

In the 2000s mobile phones came and became more common for gamers. As they can play games seating anywhere, going anywhere. It made gaming easier. And also it helped the gaming market to grow. Not only does it has pre-downloaded games, but users can also download games and play them.
Om, the 2020s, 696 million smartphone users used smartphones which were only 76 million in the year 2013. And it is expected that in the year this will grow to 970 million. Yes! The number is huge. As the market is growing it is possible.

From the sources, it can be said that in the year 2006 the era of the cyber cafe 40% of the users of the café used the café for the sole purpose of the game only. Most notably we can say that it grew in Bangalore.

As of the year 2021 in India, we have 15000 game developers there and there are 275 game developing companies that are working day and night to the growth of the game market in India of course, this is helping a lot for game lovers in the country.

The first PlayStation 2 video game was completely made in India. The name of the game was HANUMAN: Boy Warrior. It was based on the mythological character. Although it was an Indian-created game, people gave a mixed response. People and some organizations said that it was an insult to the Hindu God. This was created in Hyderabad.

After this the next big and popular game made in India was ASURA. This is a PC game. This became famous not only in India but also outside India as well. Especially in the US, Japan and China as well. This game Asura: Vengeance Edition also won an award at the game development conference. The award was called the NASSCOM.

Interestingly in July 2020, the Prime Minister of India who supports digital India said that video games based on Indian culture have huge potential to promote Indian culture, and this can bring national pride as well. Coming this from the PM itself is a boon for the video game market in India. After one month, the game Raji: An ancient epic was released and it got a very positive response globally. This is a very proud moment for us.

When the 4G was launched, the gaming market was also boosted. PUBG Mobile game that is now known as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) took the gaming industry to next level. We can have the examples like the BGMI. This was created in India and the places are also India’s. after the ban of PUBG, gamers were sad and the gaming market was down in India. But after the BGMI came and hit the Indian gaming market it bosted like anything and the younger generation is liking and loving this like anything.

We can say that the gaming market in India is growing and soon it is going to take the topmost place in the gaming market worldwide. The youngsters also love it and more professional gamers are making it a career. E-sports are taking place and is getting popularity. In the future, we can expect that e-sport tournaments will be as famous as other sports tournaments in India as well.

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