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Franklin and Lamar are on new co-op Short Trips missions available for all

Updated: February 12, 2022 12:52

Rockstar Games is coming with a new co-op mission dubbed Short Trips for all players available on GTA Online. Instead of the new GTV 6, Rockstar Games is making different missions to engage the gamers. We have no clue yet about when the next version of GTA is coming but on the present date, we can enjoy the new mission. The developers of the GTA franchise have clarified many times before that they have no plans to launch the new GTA VI game in 3-3 years. But we have seen in the past few years that some of the other way GTA VI trailer goes viral and then a few days after it said to be fake.
The gamers are very excited to play this mission, but they have no clue how to get over it. I can solve your problem you can get access by completing all the Short Trips levels missions then you will enjoy a new mission on GTA. The missions are located in the job menu, you can go there to enjoy the latest co-op mission of two.

The Rockstar Games has Twitted about the new mission "See the world through the eyes of Franklin and Lamar in Short Trips" from their official account.

The mission has two characters from Grand Theft Auto V name Franklin and Lamar. The trailer has given a few glimpses of both the player that are having a triller robbery with loaded weapons that makes the cars fly in the sky. Recap, one of the main characters Franklin has successfully established his own company that solves celebrity's problems. A mission has been given to Lamar and Franklin by Dr. Dre to find out a lost phone with the music he doesn’t want out in the wild.
The characters take all the coverage in this new Short Trips. The is focusing only on Lamar’s blossoming business ventures. This new mission is short compared to other missions. The whole mission pack is just three missions. I am very much sure that these new Short Trips will excite the gamers on GTA Online. The players did not want to finish the previous expansion to get access.

The Rockstar has got a huge issue with this GTA Online with the help of GTA 5. The company and developer are trying hard to engage the players and also attract more to this game. I think they have succeeded this by this GTA franchise. As we know the GTA game is one of the most popular games across the globe. Even all the gaming industry evolve around this GTA game.

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