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Way to play Close Encounter LTM Challenges with Quests in Fortnite

Updated: February 02, 2022 12:27

The most popular game Fortnite has introduced a new challenge in the game. The game has launched in 2017 and becomes the most played game on all the platforms. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 5, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. The game is also available on the Epic Games platform where you find other millions of popular games like GTA 5.
I am here to help you in cracking the new challenge in Fortnite. If you are playing Fortnite you have seen a Close Encounters mode where you find a new set of quests that are located in the menu including a message "not available in the current match" it always appears on every setting you select. The Fortnite Close Encounters is an LTM that we have seen before in Fortnite that also includes some interesting equipment like involves shotguns, jet packs, and a faster-moving Storm. If you are willing to get started right away then you are at the right place. I will give you all the steps to start Fortnite Close Encounters Quests. If you perform these steps carefully you will successfully unlock the Fortnite Close Encounters Quests very easily.
You can find the correct Close Encounters by searching Island Code 4000-2741-0286 on the Discovery page, but you will find the difficulty in matchmaking. You need a specific 'By Epic' tagged version for quests count. Just be updated on the Discovery Page to get an official version of Fortnite Close Encounters. We hope the latest version will be available soon.

The way to play Fortnite Close Encounter LTM Challenges, Quests with a new Limited Time Mode.

You have to complete many other challenges to get several exciting rewards. Here are the quests and challenges that you have to complete for Close Encounter LTM.

  • Complete 3 Close Encounters Quests and get 18,000 XP as rewards.
  • Eliminate two-player opponents within 30 seconds in Close Encounters mode. When you complete this task you will get 18,000 XP as a reward.
  • Get an elimination with 10 or when fewer players remain in Close Encounters mode, you will get 18,000 XP as a reward.
  • Damage your opponents from above in Close Encounters and get 18,000 XP as rewards.

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