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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) celebrating 100 Million users in a year

Updated: July 06, 2022 12:18

For game lovers, it is not an unknown name. BGMI or we can say Battleground Mobile India. By the name itself, we can get the idea that this game is specially made for India. After the ban of PUBG Mobile, the gamers were so upset and the gaming industry deteriorated. And as the gamers were demanding the PUBG Mobile to be back which was not possible at that time, Krafton decided to do something and not only did they think about it, they came up with a battle royal game BGMI (Battleground Mobile India), especially for India. Yes! This is the game we are talking about today.

This game was launched exactly one year back in India and nobody would have believed that this game is going to get so much popularity that in one year they have celebrated 100 million registered users. This is itself a huge success for the gaming industry in India. Not only that, but this gaming app also has invested a lot of money in the last year. At first, it was launched only for android users. This was launched on the 2nd of July 2021. And ow this is July 2022. And within just one year this game has shown tremendous growth and popularity among the youth of India. They have spent over 100 million US dollars on this game which can only be played in India. For only a country this amount is super huge. If we convert this into Indian rupees the amount will be more than 750,00,00,000 rupees. And by the numbers only we can imagine the popularity and growth that this game is having in India. And within a year this game has celebrated 100 million registered users. By the number of users, we can surely say that the decision to invest such a huge amount in a game that can be played only in India is itself a great and indeed a smart decision.

Over the period the craze for the battle game has increased among gamers. And for battle lovers, this is like a blessing. This game keeps on updating every time to engage their audiences. Even this battle game has professional e-sports where professional players take part. This itself is making the game more exciting. This game can play by 100 players at a time. With the huge capacity, the players can connect with a huge amount of gamers and showcase their talent. These 100 players can compete in a battle royal. And with every development, they are making it more interesting. BGMI has got local maps which makes the gamers more attracted to the game.

The developers have used the right amount of knowledge in the right place. The Founder/President of BGMI is Rev Charlie Marby. He has taken the perfect decision at the perfect timing because the players of India were caving for a battle royal game after the ban of PUBG Mobile. BGMI also added battles like Holi Dhamaka to add more of the local feel. This might be also the reason why this game is getting more and more popular in India.

This game was later also launched on IOS on 18th August 2021. So now both Android and IOS users can play this game and of course, enjoy the thrill. This game also has real e-sport, we can say that soon this game is going to break all the records and also the e-sport will become one of the highest player games in India as competition like the other games. We just have to wait and watch for that moment to arrive.

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