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iTop VPN complete review in 2022: Is this VPN for you?

Updated: September 19, 2022 16:26

iTop is one of the leading VPN services providers in the market, with millions of users on the internet. This VPN has gained the trust of millions of customers in a couple of years. It launched its services in 2016; since then, this company has been growing rapidly in the VPN industry. It was possible for iTop to become one of the industry leaders because they have provided the highest quality services to their customers. iTop offers free plans to its customers, which are used by millions of customers around the world. It is one of the companies providing its services free of cost on the VPN. You can access up to 21 GM on the free plans with over 16 locations worldwide. If you take the premium services, you will get access to all the features not available in their fee service plan. You choose the paid version for all features.

There are various service providers in the VPN industry offering different features. VPN is essential to choose the right one which fulfills all of the purposes that you want from the VPN. It can help you to access the websites which are not allowed in your country or if it is allowed, but all the features are not unlocked, so with this, you can get access to all the features. It also ensures that your IP address and DNS are not disclosed to ensure security and privacy, which is one of the important factors to consider in the VPN for your purposes.

iTop VPN Features

iTop has provided various features on other platforms as their VPN services provider. Accessibility of the features may be different from the plan you choose on their platform. If you are selecting their free plans on their platform, the number of services that you are offering may be limited in the free plan. However, if you go for the premium plan, you will get access to all the features available on iTop VPN. All the features they offer to their customers will fulfill your requirements from the VPN platform. It offers so many features which are up to the mark of the industry standards. We have listed the features available on the there platform using the VPN platforms.

  • Unblock website
  • Kill switch
  • Free streaming
  • DNS protection
  • top speed and performance

Let's look at all the features in detail so we can understand iTop deeply and decide to select this VPN for you.

1. Unblock the website

Unblocking performances of their website or the application are pretty impressive. Thai platforms allow you to unblock the application or the website, which is not allowed in your county. It will help you to access that website or application. The performance of the unblocking weeks was quite good. You can even access Netflix or the other streaming applications of their different countries to access the content in that country. Now you can access your favorite website or application.

2. Kill switch

iTop also offers this fantastic offer to their customers where in case the server of the VPN gets down, in that case, it will automatocal[ly close your internet so that your location and the IP address are not disclosed. Once the server starts working out, it will activate your internet connection. This feature is significant. Otherwise, your location and the IP address can be leaked when it goes down. It is also important for security purposes.

3. Free Streaming

There may be some content that is not available in your country. In that case, iTop VPN is for you. It will help you to watch content on many streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime, or any other streaming platform. The logic behind this is that it will replace your Ip address with the server's IP address, and with this, that content will be accessible. For example, if you want to watch any content unavailable on Netflix in your country, it will be visible through the VPN.

4. DNS protection

iTop VPN also offers the DNS setting, which you can use when accessing any website or application. It will also help you to protect yourself from any virus or malware. You can use your DNS setting. DNS is really important at the time of using the VPN to keep your network secure and also keep your privacy. So make sure to use the setting in the iTop.

5. iTop speed and performance

iTop offers one of the performance features that provide high speed on the servers. You can get the speed up to 180Mbps in the UK, which works very well in streaming. If you are using the US server, it offers a speed of up to 360Mbps. This platform provides high speed, especially if you are using the premium plans, and if you ask to use the free platform on this VPN, the performance will be good but not as high as the period plans.

6. Bandwidth limit

iTop is one of the leading platforms in the VPN that are offering free services around the world. If you are using the free version of the plans, you get the daily limit of 700MB of data per day or 21GB per year. Going with the premium plans will give you unlimited bandwidth, and you can use as much as you want without any issue with the data limit. If you are a beginner, the platform's free version is good for you to start.

iTop VPN Location and Servers

iTop has started to expand its network all around the world in a concise period. It offers the services of the VPN in more than 100 locations all around the world. One significant achievement for the company is that they are expanding their services in a concise period of time. It also has more than 1800 servers worldwide, so you don't have to face any issues while using this VPN from the services of any country in the world. This will help to improve the experience of live streaming, where it will not be stuck in the middle of your content. They also have dedicated networks for gaming and streaming.

iTop VPN-supported devices

iTop has been expanding its service reply all around the world. They have made their services available to almost all the platforms so that you can access it from any platform. It supports platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. These are the main platforms that are used all around the world. So you can use any of these platforms to access the VPN services without worrying about the availability of services on the devices.

iTop VPN security and privacy

iTop has also been working on its security and privacy so that they don't compromise the data and privacy of its customers. It offers services such as the Ad-block and Security Reinforce function. It will help block all unwanted links, viruses, and ads and clean all your browsing details. Your data is completely encrypted on this VPN, and your entering data is completely secured. It is one of the important things to consider while choosing any VPN platform. Many platforms can leak your information if that platform is not reliable.

iTop VPN Pros and cons

Let's also have the look at the pros and cons of the iTop VPN. So that you can decide better.


  • Good platforms for the free users
  • Offers the budget deal for the premium customer
  • Good customer supports
  • High security and privacy
  • It can unblock significant streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer.


  • Still new and small network worldwide
  • Not capable of unblocking Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
  • Limited features in free plans
  • Security can be improved


It was a complete review of the iTop VPN platform. This platform works very well and gives good features on their platform. It has expanded the network all around the world, which works well. If you are a beginner, it is one of the good choices to use this as your VPN service provider as this offers many features with the 21 GB Bandwidth in their free plan. So if you are starting in the VPN, you can go with this VPN. If you want to go for the premium plans, then it is also a good deal because of the affordable price with so many features and the strong network worldwide.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is iTop VPN safe to use?

iTop is a secure VPN network providing services worldwide and has gained the trust of millions of users worldwide.

Is iTop VPN completely free?

It offers a limit of up to 21GB per month for free users to get started in the VPN. So it is free with some limitations. You can choose the paid plan for unlimited use of the services.

Where is iTop VPN based?

This company is based in Hong Kong started its service in this industry from the year of 2016 and has expanded its business all around the world in a very short period of time.

Can I stream with this VPN?

You can watch content that is not available in your country with the help of this VPN. It will use the IP address of their platform and will hide your IP address.

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