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Teenage Boy From Punjab Has Spent Rs 16 Lakh On The PUBG Mobile App

Updated: July 27, 2020 15:19

One more shocking case is here related to our favorite game PUBG Mobile. Addiction to anything is dangerous it doesn't matter that it a game or something else.
In this shocking case, a teenage boy from Punjab has spent Rs 16 lakh of money on the PUBG Mobile app from his parent's bank account.
Parents got shocked after they identify, and ordered him suddenly to work in a scooter garage to understand. How hard is to earn money.
All The Details.

Punjab Teenage Boy Spends Rs 16 Lakh Of Money On PUBG App:

A teenage boy from a city Kharar in Punjab, whose name has been kept enclosed due to the privacy of the family, spends Rs 16 lakh of money on the PUBG game app.
He got access to his mother’s mobile number and including all three bank accounts of his father, who is a normal Government employee.
As his mother gives him permission to pay online for there kitty party celebrations, because of that he knew the bank balance as well and learned how to do online shopping from various websites.
By using these bank account details, and his mother’s mobile, he finished Rs 16 lakh of money on the PUBG gaming app, buying guns skin, Royal Pass, and Cars skin, etc. He has done in-app purchases not only for him but also for his teammates in the PUBG Mobile game app.

Parents Reaction:

His father informed the news that he has saved all money for his son’s future studies, and his medical issues. But this time they have lost all the money because of such careless behavior.
As the reports, this over smart boy deleted all the messages from the banks of the dedication of this money, to avoid doubt, and this way his parents are unknown about the situation.
When the bank balance became zero in one account, he used to transfer money from another account to avoid catching by his parents.
Reports have published that his father was posted far from home, that's this boy lives with his mother only.
Even when they inform police they also cannot help, because this is not a case of fraud, and the 17-year old son made all these purchases intentionally.
Now, the boy has been ordered by his parents to work at a scooter garage nearby.
His father said, “He is working at a scooter repair shop" so that he understands how hard it is to earn money for living. I am hopeless now as the money was saved for my son’s future studies.
Addiction to PUBG is a serious issue in this era and such teenagers boys who are addicted to the various game and doesn’t think twice before spending their parent's hard-earned money.

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