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Best Free Video Conferencing Or Video Call Apps And Software In March 2021

Updated: March 09, 2021 13:00

Video conferencing or video calls can help in having better communication during working hours when you are in a pandemic like COVID-19. The time has finally here where we are using video conferencing to the max. Now the world is running by the modern digital world, which is by far helping people to work from their home and save their jobs. To utter surprise, this present scenario was predicted way before. It was predicted 58 years ago by Jetson. In video calls which can give you space to talk to more than one person at a time can boost your work efficiency. Video conferencing has become the new office of almost every working person those are working from home. It has higher productivity and efficiency. It saves time and money and also is an effective medium of communication. Now a day's smartphones are the most common gadget a person has with them. It helps download various apps to work in the digital world. One such feature is video conferencing or video meetings. And in this pandemic, it has become a part of our life to complete our business and work-life via digital meetings. Many new video calling apps are also in the market which can also confuse people. That is why we are here with the top3 effective and most popular video calling apps to help you work fluently. Here are the 3 best free video conferencing or video call apps and software (March 2021 update) that might help you to have a better work experience working from home.

1. Zoom Meeting App:

ZOOM meeting app witnesses a rapid increase in demand at the beginning of this year only. This is because of COVID-19 that people are working from their houses and under quarantine. And right now in May 2020 ZOOM meeting app is the hottest trending video calling app across the globe. Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, this app saw a rapid increase in weather in terms of corporate work, remote work, distance education, and other social causes where communications between masses are necessary. Thousands of educational institutions have directly switched to online classes using Zoom. Despite the stock market downturn, in the early stage, the company's stock price went from under $70 per share in January to $150 per share by the end of March 2020. This gave the company a market value of $42 billion. As popularity only doesn't work in terms of business, zoom also has tight security measures that now even some government conferences and press meetings are taking place via the ZOOM App. ZOOM allows talking even with or without video and, it comes with multiple options that help in sharing chats and screens as well. One does not have to have a zoom account to attend any of the zoom meetings. They just need to download the software or app and, by clicking the link given to you by your host of the meeting you will be directly linked to the meeting. It works very well with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H. 323/SIP room systems.

2. Google Meet App:

It was previously named the Google Hangout app. It is the longest-running messaging and video chat service by Google. It is a video conferencing software that is free for all Google users. Google Meet is very much similar to the video chat service as the service given by Hangouts but supports far more participants. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The strongest feature of this app that attracts people is its real-time captions, its support for a maximum of 250 numbers of participants and in addition to that, it can add 1,00,000 live stream viewers at a single stretch. In this app you can also turn off your camera if required, you can mute your microphone, and also share your screen. In this app, you will be able to share your full desktop, or a single chrome tab, or a single-window as well. In case due to network issues if you are having a problem with your video quality or if it's running slow, you can switch from the default 720p video stream to a 360p video stream as well. You can also automatically schedule a Google meet meeting when you connect your Google calendar to Zapier. To work with this app, you only need the internet, PC or Laptop, or your phone and you are good to go. You can find Google meet at

3. Skype:

By using Skype, the user can communicate via voice and video calls and messages as well. Skype allows users to communicate in group chats and also saving their important chats. It also gives the option to edit previous messages. It is a free app and to use this free feature all the people communicating should have Skype installed on their devices. When you use Skype business, it lets you communicate with your colleague or business partners not only in your city but around the world. You can start your conversation with IM, voice, or video calls. You can see if your contacts are available online in a meeting or not. You can also broadcast to a large number of audiences. Even some community radio stations across the globe prefer Skype to work with their coworkers across the globe. It helps you screen during your meeting and also gives control to others as well. There are two versions and they are Skype and Skype for business. It is to let you choose which category will fit according to your criteria. The Skype that you normally can use is for a smaller business where the number of employees is at max is 20 persons. But on the other hand, the Skype business allows you to add up to 250 people at one go. And also provide enterprise-grade security, it also allows you to manage employee account as well.

NOTE: Working is a part of our life and work-life should be easy and smooth. So these are the Top-3 Free and most effective video calling apps for a work from home person. I hope this article will help you further to ease up your confusion regarding which app to use for your office works COVID-19 has certainly helped the business to grow more and more digitally. Stay safe, Stay Digital.

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Canada benefits administration software
March 09, 2021 at 09:24

This is a brilliant post, thank you for sharing about the 3 best free video conferencing or video call apps and software in 2020 and high rise homes. We always tend to change something or the other in our house, thanks for this great advice.

Buy Cheap Software
October 12, 2020 at 11:58

About the 3 best free video conferencing or video call apps and software everything about them you will get to know over here. I love this article, thanks for producing such great contents. I love your posts always. It is very useful article and would suggest others too. I am sure many people will come to read this in future.

David Castano
July 05, 2020 at 04:29

These 3 are definitely on top of the list, but there are a bunch of other options that work really well... e.g. Slack, Webex have gained a lot of popularity owing to the current global work from home situation.

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