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Epic Games Festival Season Sale For 15 Days of Free Games to Download

Updated: January 27, 2021 12:17

Epic Games has recently announced the 15 days Epic Holiday Sale where you can get many popular and trending games for free. And if you are a gamer then this is a great opportunity to grab some of the games that have a price tag of 3,000. During the festival season, you can get these games at no cost or free. As we have seen the toughest time this year but this is the time to forget everything and enjoy this Epic Games festival sale. So, this sale will only valid for the 15 Days of free games but epic games have a claim option that will help you to play these games forever. So, even you don't want to play these games now but you have to clam these popular games to any time.

Epic Games Festival Season Sale For 15 Days of Free Games.

Epic Games sale gives you 15 free games to celebrate the holiday season. That begins on 17th December 2020. All the games you can download will only be free to download for 24 hours only, but you can keep these free games forever once you downloaded them.
Epic Games officials shared this news of the festive sale promotion on various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter with a link to reads more about this festival sale, "We’re getting ready for the season of giving with our most festive sale of the year! The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale begins on Dec. 17, and we’ve got some goodies in store for you."

And in the next line, they have written that "Unwrap deals up to 75 percent off, but that’s not all. Also starting Dec. 17, we’ll be giving away a new game each day for two weeks straight — that’s right, it’s 15 Days of Free Games! Each game will be free to claim for just 24 hours, but they’re yours to keep forever."

According to the holiday sale's landing page of Epic Games on the official website recommends gamers to put games that they desire to play in their wish list means that they'll get the notification as the game is available. According to techOwish, this is the perfect time to visit epic games and add all the games it doesn't matter you are interested or not just add in your Wishlist to play any time in the future.

On 17th December 2020, the first game listed in the 15 Days of Free sale was "Cities: Skylines, which is a modern take on the classic city simulation". This is a new gameplay element to realize the thrill and difficulties to create and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience."

We have got many rumors about the list of games that will be free in these 15 days. Still, Epic Games has not conformed to any list officially.
After getting to the post on social media we have seen that gamers are super excited about this festival sale. It might be the Epic Games website is quite experiencing for some of the gamers segment.

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