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Ducati Pro-III electric scooter with four riding modes, 50km range

Updated: November 08, 2021 12:31

The company known for expensive cars with huge engines Ducati now came with a new gaged in the market. The company is known for the first car "Ducati Veron" but later the company has also launched its motorbikes. Continuing the trend now the company came with a new Ducati Pro-III electric scooter. It is very much light weighted and easy to use where you want. As it is introduced to make our environment more healthy that's the way it runs on the 468Wh enhanced battery power. The scooter can be operated by the company Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App. It uses the latest innovative NFC technology. The Ducati Pro-III electric scooter has equipped with a special token that allows the owner to start the scooter by simply bringing the card to the display.

What is the Ducati's NFC Technology?

The company has made a new technology that allows the owner to operate their Ducati vehicle without the key our even they don't want to touch the vehicle. They simply bring the NFC token closer to the display and wait for the “pass” sign to appear. The Token will switch on the display and also starts your e-scooter simply by bringing the card or token close to it.

This technology by the company insure the vehicle is only operated by the owner or who has the card or the token with him.

Performance and Power:

The Ducati Pro-III electric scooter is packed with a 468Wh capacity battery pack that gives the power to 350W motor to run the scooter. The e-scooter has 50km of traveling range on a single charge. The battery packs take around nine hours to get fully charged. The ride quality is full of comfort with the 10″ tubeless tires that give you full stability.

It features a 3.2-inch LED display that helps in managing several functions like choosing between four riding modes 6kmph, 15kmph, 20kmph, and 25kmph. The four modes will help you to get the perfect power according to its requirement. It comes with a USB port that allows the rider to charge their smartphones or other devices while traveling.
The scooter has 10-inch anti-puncture tubeless tires with front and rear disc brakes. The body frame is made up of magnesium alloy that gives weighs 17.5 Kg. Up to 100Kg of riders can ride on this e-scooter.

What's the use of the Ducati Urban e-Mobility user app?

The company has developed the Ducati Urban e-Mobility user app to track all the activities of the e-scooter like the performance, real-time usage, left battery percentage, location, and request assistance in real-time via a chat. The rider has to simply register to the Ducati Urban e-Mobility app to get all the required data.

How to download the Ducati Urban e-Mobility user app?

The application is available on both the operating system Android and iOS the user can download the app from the Google App Store and Apple App Store. That allows the owner to monitor the performance of the e-scooter and its location.


The Ducati Pro-III electric scooter is priced at EUR 799 in Europe, $923.98 in the USA, and Rs. 68,400 in India.

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