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PUBG Mobile New Map Livik with Monster Truck on 0.19.0 Update

Updated: January 02, 2021 15:58

PUBG Mobile is coming with a new map named Livik. It's exclusive to the mobile version of the game. This update is still in beta version, as the company officials have mentioned in its Reddit post, that Livik brings a new ground for players to battle for "Chicken Dinner". This new map will come in small 15-minute time matches that are almost action-packed games. As compared to the standard Erangel map which is the favorite map of every PUBG player. The new map will come in 0.19.0 update that is live on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for IOS. The developers of PUBG Mobile have been teasing this map for a long time now and they have finally reached the players today, July 7.

The Livik map is the first exclusive only for the PUBG Mobile map as all the previous four maps have come first only for PC and console versions. This new map carries a combination of elements from the Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok maps, along with some new areas, a pair of weapons, and a new monster truck. It is also the smallest map, with a 2km x 2km area with more weapons spawns as compare to the previous four maps to give more action in the game as we land on the ground.
There many other changes and improvements in the new 0.19.0 update.

The new map Livik is part of the stable map in PUBG Mobile, for gamers, as this map is in beta that's the way we can't consider it as a final product. But when we play this map it seemed quite stable for us. Still, it has to fix some of the issues like lag and some frame drop, The new 0.19.0 update of PUBG Mobile is live on the Google Play store. It is 0.93GB in size, while the game is available on the App Store for IOS around 2.4Gb of size including a new update. Once you update the game by the respective App stores, or if it has automatically updated for you, the Livik map will be visible to you in the map section in the game. The developers of PUBG Mobile have been teasing this new map for a long time, and after testing it in the PUBG Mobile beta version for a long time, it has finally been made available in the stable version of the game.

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